The face of our Christmas campaign is the gorgeous Cindy Kimberly - a social media star and now one of the hottest models on the scene. We knew she'd be perf to slay our newest pieces this party season. Want to know more about the life of Cindy Kimberly? Well here's 10 things you didn't know: 

  1. Many of her fans assume she's American, although in fact she's half Spanish and half Indonesian, and was born in Holland. She lives in sunny Barcelona and isn't used to London's climate - for the duration of the shoot we had the heating turned up high.
  2. She's said in her Youtube video that her mum is her biggest idol. In fact, Cindy's mum came along to support her on our shoot days. 
  3. Cindy likes to have her fave tunes on to get her sass on to shoot. She requested Rihanna and Camilla Cabello the most, and when we asked her she said she likes the hits, a total pop princess. 
  4. Cindy assured us that her Instagram handle (@wolfiecindy) does not have major significance, despite everyone thinking it has some deeper meaning. She told us she made it years ago when she was (and still is!) a huge Teen Wolf fan.
  5. Her and her boyfriend are totally #CoupleGoals. He's a model too, and although they both work hard, they're work brings them together - for example, at New York Fashion Week. His Instagram handle is @neelsvisser for those of you who need to get yo' stalk on. 
  6. She's not just a pretty face, Cindy is a talented drawer. In the little spare time she had during the shoot, you'd find her doing digital drawings on her iPad. She's always reposting her creative fans on her Instagram too.
  7. Cindy is a make-up geek, just like us! In fact, she wanted to do her own make-up for the shoot. She's even put a tutorial on her channel of her everyday make-up look, which has already had over 1 million views. 
  8. Her beautiful eyes are what draws people to her stunning photos, although they're always changing colour as she likes to wear contacts for some shoots. Her eyes are really a deep brown.
  9. She loves to change up her look with her wig, much to the speculation of her followers, she doesn't dye her hair blonde.
  10. Only recently has she lived the glam life on her Instagram today. Her first job was actually working as a babysitter for £2.90 an hour.
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