Good Habits To Take Into 2021

Good habits to take into 2021

We’re glad 2020 is over. After everything we’ve been through it’s time to accept, forget and plan ahead for a better new year. Next year is going to be all about looking after ourselves, mentally and physically. So here are some small and big habits you can take over into 2021 to make sure you get the most out of everything you do.

A good morning routine

Nothing sets you up for the day quite like an effective morning routine. It’ll set the tone for the rest of the day, so having a stressful bad morning = a stressful bad day. Your day starts before you even wake up - your alarm. Snoozing your alarm can seem harmless but it’s a whole lot better if you can get up on your first ring. I know it feels like absolute torture, but the getting up part is usually the hardest part of the morning. Everything after that, you can definitely overcome. Once you’re stood up and moving about it’ll be a breeze!

Doing some morning stretches, meditation or yoga can be perfect for a sleepy morning to really wake yourself up. Your body will absorb all the benefits, including improvements to strength and tone, easing body pain, improving heart rate and so many more! Click here for the perfect 20 minute yoga routine for beginners.

Skipping breakfast also seems like a valid excuse if you want some extra time in bed, but there’s so many more reasons to have breakfast than to not. Not having some nutrition and energy in the morning can impact your mood massively. With so many options for yummy breakfasts, why would you ever want to skip?! Eggs are undeniably the best food to eat to start your day right, but if they’re not your thing, try greek yoghurt, porridge, fruits & berries or green tea. Click here to find 25 healthy breakfast meal prep ideas to get you started for the day ahead!

Stay in touch with loved ones

Before the pandemic, we didn’t really think about this one too much. Obviously we talked to our friends and family but this year we really had to exercise communication in every way we could because we’re so used to just being able to see our loved ones when we wanted. But when we had to depend on things like Facetime, Zoom, letters, calls and constant text messages to try and keep in touch, it got harder!

For 2021, let’s go in with the same energy - even if we can see each other. Everyone you know is fighting a personal battle and what they show physically might not always be what they’re feeling inside. If you haven’t heard on your friend for a while, drop them a voice note or a text and ask how they’re getting on. That could be all the difference between someone having a bad day and a good day!

Regular cleaning schedule

This seems really obvious, but we all know it’s hard to stick to a cleaning schedule when we lack motivation or we’re too tired. That’s why having a plan with small but effective chores works the best. Even if it’s just one thing every day, it definitely helps. If you’re living with other people, delegate the tasks accordingly and change on a weekly basis so everyone gets something different. If you took out the bins last week, your flatmate/partner should do it this week. If you know your bathroom hasn’t been cleaned for a while, make time to do it. Put on your fave Spotify playlist and sing your heart out - this definitely always helps me! Once your flat/living space is cleaned, you’ll feel better in yourself. Your mind will be clear and you can focus on other things!

One thing I’ve always tried to incorporate is to keep my bedroom tidy most of the time. There’s nothing worse than coming home from work/uni to a messy room - it makes us feel more stressed! So make sure you put your clothes away after choosing an outfit and do a general tidy up before leaving the house, you’ll thank me later!

Positive mental attitude

Easier said than done - we know! But after so much negativity this year, we really owe it to ourselves to go into 2021 with the best attitude possible. There’s so many things to be thankful for that we might not recognise when we’re feeling down, but it’s so important to remember what we have - our health, a roof over our heads, resources for help and people we can talk to. Keep an open mind with everything and really look after yourself as you are your top priority. According to Grad Psych Blog, here are some ways to maintain a positive mental attitude: Be your own best friend - encourage yourself and remind yourself of your power. Surround yourself with positive people who inspire, motivate and encourage you. Look for opportunities in bad situations, growing and learning from every situation you’re faced with. For more, click here.

Make your bed as soon as possible

This is a small thing you can do to make you feel so much better about the day - trust me! In my opinion, having your bed unmade is just stressful. You don’t have anything exciting to look forward to when you get in at the end of the day because it’s already been unmade, does that make sense?! Trial it out for a week and I promise you’ll feel better about everything. It’s the small things you can change in your daily life that will affect you the most in the long term. If you’re feeling like a complete change, definitely check out our bedding on site.

Enjoy your downtime

We worked from home so much this year, it was hard to switch off when it got the end of the day. Working in the same area you also live in can come with its challenges, and we ended up feeling like we were still on our computers long after we said we’d turn them off. So for 2021, it’s extremely important that we do learn to switch off when it’s time and to enjoy our relaxation and downtime. Go for an evening walk, put on your fave Netflix series, call your partner, cook your favourite meal! Either way, take advantage of the free time you have to basically do whatever you want!

Take the stairs

A positive thing to bring into 2021 is making small active changes in your life. If you live on the second floor, the temptation to get in the lift is truly there. But taking the stairs instead of getting in the elevator can improve your overall fitness, build endurance and improve your mental health. It’ll get easier over time and you’ll never want to take the elevator again!

Be a conscious shopper

Admit it, you’ve got so many things in your wardrobe that you haven’t worn for months. You could definitely donate half of them, and you only actually wear a quarter of them. For 2021, this needs to stop! Making conscious decisions when shopping will make all the difference to you and the environment. When you’re looking online, think “do I really need this”, “do I have something similar to this already?”, “is this a must have in my wardrobe?” If you do make a purchase and it arrives, if you’re not 100% sure on it - RETURN it! If you’re struggling with how to tackle your sustainability effect, click here for our girl’s guide.

Start a journal/diary

Documenting everything can be so helpful, so why not start a journal or diary. The benefits are incredible! According to Journey Cloud, some include: Keeping your thoughts organised, setting & achieving your goals, allowing yourself to reflect, boosting memory and relieving stress. To read more, click here! If you’ve had a bad day, writing down your feelings in a journal can help get them out in the healthiest way possible. Try it out for a while and see! It’s also super fun to look back on past entries you did when you were maybe in a darker place, as it shows you exactly how far you’ve come! The main focus is to realise that every bad feeling is temporary and you will get through it all!

Go for more walks

Try to fit in a daily walk whenever you can. Whether it’s a half an hour walk early in the morning to start your day right, during your lunch break, after work or an evening walk with your flatmate! Either way, getting some fresh air is a great thing to do, especially when you’re feeling stressed. For 2021, why not implement this into your daily life or get into hiking on the weekends. You’ll discover new routes, bring your friends along and also get some amazing pics for the ‘gram!

Drink your water & eat your greens

Please don’t underestimate the power of water. Got a headache? Water. Feeling tired? Water. Craving some sugar? Water. Feeling anxious? Water. It helps with pretty much everything, so set some reminders in your phone to drink a certain amount every hour. Make sure you’re also getting your 5 a day either from fruit or veg, and it’s surprisingly easier than you think to do this. A fruity breakfast will eliminate some straight off the bat, so get some berries in your porridge. Adding some into your sandwiches like lettuce or cucumbers, snacking on healthy snacks and adding veggies into your evening meal - and you’re done! Get creative with it and make sure everything’s really tasty so it doesn’t feel like something you need to do!

Digital detox

Definitely harder than it looks. We’re so glued to our phones and social media these days, especially when we face things like isolating, having to stay in and working from home. But it is crucial that we spend some time away from our phones and take a breather. It doesn’t have to be drastic, so don’t worry - you won’t be away from your phone all day. Maybe start with an hour at the end of the day to switch off, or while you’re doing your work. Do something you really love, whether it’s photography, makeup, styling, running, reading or something else! Fall back in love with things that you maybe don’t have time for any more because you’re too busy flicking through insta.

Compliment yourself more

One of the most important things to take into the new year! Being kind to yourself is ultimately the best thing you can do for you. You should be your own bestie and 2021 is definitely the time to do this! Have confidence in yourself and the aura you give off will definitely reflect it. When people feel your confidence, they treat you like you’re confident too - so it’s a win win! Give yourself one compliment a day and really be nice to yourself.


Keep an open mind and take everything in your stride next year. 2021 is only as good as we make it, so make some active changes to your daily life to reap the benefits!

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