Trends To Look Out For In 2021


A welcomed end to 2020 means the end of the trends of yester-year, and an open space for the trends of 2021 to make their way to the front of our minds. From crazy tights to simple loungewear, the new working from home routine means an eclectic range of clothes and accessories are trending - which otherwise wouldn’t have been! We’re here to navigate you in the right direction to keep on top of the trends before they’ve even begun.

Here’s our top picks for 2021….

Victorian Vibes In a Corset

Call me Queen Victoria because all I wanna wear is corsets rn. The recurring trend of the waist-cinching bodywear has been on the rise recently and we’re right on top of the wave. Corsets are a maximalist dream; a romantic ode to medieval times; a historical piece for a modern moment. Style your corset with a black mini skirt for a Vivienne Westwood chic vibe and layer it up with a white shirt underneath for the colder months - a perfect outfit for when Boris lets us out the house again.

Home Disco

To contrast with the neutrals we’ve been loving; sparkles and sequins are on their way in. ‘Party season’ (i.e staying in, stuffing yourself with chocolate and falling asleep at 8pm) may be over, but that doesn’t mean the dazzling pieces that are supposed to come with it are going anywhere. For a very extra WFH zoom call, pair your glistening top with casual joggers to reach the epitome of business at the front, party at the back. Or, you could go full blown sequin unitard and really go for it. Yeah, your work may have been reduced to sending voice notes and repeatedly checking you’re not on mute - but at least do it looking hot. Let the home disco begin.

Got Your Mask?

Whether we like it or not, throughout 2020 masks have been a part of our everyday life - and it looks like this trend will be surviving the death of 2020 and following us into this year too. Whichever way you like to dress up your face, we’ve got you covered for one of the most solid trends of 2021.


Bring The Funk

In 2021 we can’t just have regular tights to frame our legs… we need them to be PATTERNED! According to the invisible trend Gods of 2021, long gone are the days of plain black tights (like you’d wear in year 7). Now we’ve got to make space for funky patterns, polka dots, and animal prints on tights... long live extravagance!


Ready, Set, Lounge

Our working-from-home routine has definitely had an effect on the way we dress - most of us want to feel snug whilst cooped up on our makeshift desk at home with our work laptop half balanced on our knee. People are swapping out their straight-leg work trousers for comfy wide leg joggers and a lil cosy top... so that’s why loungewear is last but by no means least on our 2021 trends list. Grab yourself a matching set (or, unmatching… anything goes in 2021) and feel like a Real Housewife of ISAWITFIRST.


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