3 Apps to Make You Productive AF

We live in a world constantly surrounded by distractions. Whether it's scrolling through Instagram, or reading pointless articles online, sometimes it's difficult to just switch off and get working! We've round up our top 5 apps to help you solve the problems you never even knew existed!

1. Coffitivity

Can't stand to work in absolute silence? You don't need to! Coffitivity recreates the background noises you hear in coffee shops. Choose the ambience of a Parisian cafe or the sounds of a Brazilian bistro. With just enough noise to keep you working, but not distracted, you'll wish you downloaded it sooner!

2. Forest

Can't stop scrolling through your phone, even though you have an essay to write? We've all been there. Enter Forest. Ths clever little app lets you plant a virtual seed and watch it grow into a tree. The catch? You only get to watch the tree go as long as you stay on the app and don't get distracted! This is a great little life hack to get you finishing that essay!

3. Freedom

So you've managed to put your phone down, but you're stuck scrolling through Facebook on your laptop. Why not just bite the bullet and try going cold turkey? The app Freedom lets you block distracting websites from your phone and laptop. This is the ultimate tool if you're trying focus hard and get some serious work done.

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