4 Ways to Style: Blazer

Blazers have always been huge, but at this time of year they’re the absolute perfect thing. They’re really versatile and guaranteed you can put them with any outfit and make it look chic. So here are 4 ways you can style a blazer for the things in your life you probably do best: work, day drinks, shopping and nights out. Accompanied with the perfect accessories and shoes, you’re good to go in any situation!

Your 9-5
If you want to be even more boss than you already are, wearing a blazer to work really brings you to the next level. Putting a blazer on top of any look instantly makes you more powerful and gives you amazing shape in all the right places, cinching you in at the waist and enhancing your shoulders. My ideal work outfit would be something like this. Matching blazer and trousers, with matching top and bag for major coordination. The turtle neck will keep you warm in an air conditioned office and the hint of gold from the earrings will add some shine. The detail on this blazer is perfect, straying away from the traditional shoulder by adding some flare. If looking casual is your thing, bring out your personality by wearing some white trainers for the perfect out-of-office approach (plus major comfort for your commute!) Now you just need your Starbucks in one hand and your lipgloss in your bag and you’re ready for a productive week!


Day Drinks
Going for day drinks is definitely the new going out. Why wait til tonight to start the party when you’ve got all day free?! The sun is out and it’s a great opportunity to put together your best outfit to show off while it’s still daylight! Blazers absolutely scream day drinks, they’re warm, comfy to wear and styled with the right thing - complete the outfit. I’d probably wear something like this to a day of cocktails with the girls. This is my perfect outfit, edgy but still so on trend. The boots are absolutely killer, so paired with a slack jean and a casual t-shirt, it’s just next level. The belt on the blazer will give you the most amazing waist and the statement necklace really pulls it all together. I’d also have a chain/bum bag with this look. I am loving the bum bag trend so much, it’s so convenient and brings any look down to a casual level - definitely something I like.


Shopping Spree
Committing to a long day of shopping in this kind of weather means wearing the perfect outfit for both comfort and warmth. I’d suggest layering - you can easily take things off if you get too warm, plus layering never goes out of fashion! Try doing light layers so you can be warm but still have a lot of movement for all the shopping bags on your arms. Here’s what I’d wear. Hoodies are my fave, so obviously had to pair one with a blazer. Bum bag around your body to easily get out your cards and cash, and comfy jeans you can take on and off when you’re trying on stuff in the changing rooms. I’d also put some big silver hoop earrings with this outfit. You could definitely swap the boots for your comfiest trainers instead, and change the jeans for some black joggers - either way you’re gonna wanna be comfy.


Night Out
The final blazer stage is definitely sporting one to your fave club. This is definitely the time to experiment with more colours, materials and accessories. A blazer dress would be absolutely perfect for a night out, especially now that it's getting colder. It’ll be thicker and will have sleeves so hopefully you won’t completely freeze to death! Here’s the kind of style I’d wear. A velvet dress with some silver sparkly accessories would look absolutely unreal. If colour isn’t your thing - black looks just as good. Maybe even have a coloured bag? Either way, you know you’ll look amazing even when you get onto the dancefloor after your 4th tequila. Pair with some simple heels to keep all the focus on the dress and accessories.


See! You can style a blazer for every possible occasion, there's no wrong answers. Even if you just need to put one on to feel that little bit more powerful and self confident, do it. You can shop our blazers by clicking here, and with so many colours, styles and materials you can find one that's perfect for you. Before you know it, you'll be a full fledged blazer wearer and you'll feel naked without one!

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