5 Reasons To Love Manchester

The Fashion Hub - Manchester is the birthplace of all the creatives and fashion fanatics. The city breaths fashion and is dressed to impress. Go to one of Manchester's stunning shopping centres from Trafford centre and Arndale to all the vintage markets and boutiques to feel part of the fashion forward and focused city.


The People -Manchester brings you culture from around the globe and unites beautiful creatives and business minded babes together. You’ll easily make friends in this city, whether its at a bar or Starbucks! Regardless, you’ll never feel alone in Manchester.


The Best Restaurants & Bars - There’s something for everyone! Manchester’s restaurants and bars reflect art and will have you dining and drinking with the gals in total style. From glorious city views and rooftop drinks at The Ivy, to dancing on tables to live music at Albert Schloss. There’s fun for everyone.


History & Culture- Cultured, cool and cosmopolitan. The city of historical libraries, Football leagues, exquisite architecture and lots of proud firsts from Vimto, the world’s oldest passenger railway station and so many museums waiting to be explored and appreciated..    


Football -Whether you’re a football fanatic or not, you’ll soon be. Manchester is flooded with blue team and red team supporters (in no particular order). The energy and football atmosphere it something that unites the city together.


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