8 Tips for Exam Prep

Listen up, we’ve all been through it and understand your stressful struggles but don’t worry, we will have you smashing out your exams in no time, you’ll be done just before you can say ‘get me on beach’ in the sunshine. Here are 8 tips you need to swear by to get you closer to your goals sister.

1. Prep and prim

Prepping for revision is the foundation to success. It’s all about location and loving your revision set up, it needs to be a warm and welcoming place where you will be spending a lot of time in. Natural lighting and windows is the best way to feel refreshed and with nature, the sun coming through into your revision space is a nice and positive way for you to enjoy your revision without getting too much fomo of not being outside in the sun. If the weather is nice why not go outside and read your notes on a sunny bank or in your tranquil garden?

2. Get stocked

Stationary shopping is the best part of revision season HANDS DOWN! Buying cute highlighters, funky notebooks with your fav quotes on and sticky notes are what we are truly here for. If you get stocked up on stationary goods then you’re more inclined to want to use them and revise! It’s a motivational win win!

3. Daily do’s and don’ts

Tough love is the best love! We encourage you to put your phone in a different room or switch it off. Out of sight out of mind hey? This is a great way to cut out all distractions and fully concentrate on revision. Also don’t overdo it, your brain needs time to digest and take information in, so be gentle and patient as you could be doing more damage than good. Instead of cramming, set yourself targets and timed sessions to make your revision easier for you to monitor and track to help you understand how much you’ve done. Try making a revision timetable for each class and exam to make this simple and easy to follow. Writing things down like lists and timetables will give you structure and retrieve stress.

4. Treat ‘O’ Clock

You need targets to set so you can treat yourself without the guilt! Nothing is worse than feeling bad for enjoying yourself when you know you should we revising which is why treat ‘o’ clock means you can have do your work and feel good about it after by having rewards. Your rewards can be from watching an episode of your fav season to going out for a lunch date with your bestie. Make these regular (but not too regular) depending on your revision ratio.

  1. Read and Repeat

This is like a wash, rinse and repeat (without the washing and rinsing your hair part). Instead of washing your hair, you’re washing your mind. Repetition is the key to success, you can read your notes and repeat them out loud to yourself or in your head. The best way to do it is: read and repeat a card, then read and repeat without looking, if you nail it and repeat all your notes out correctly you pass! If not, carry on until you perfect it! Not relying on your cards will be the most rewarding feeling EVER!

  1. Buddy up

Buddy up with a friend and read your notes out to them whilst testing each other and challenging one another. This is almost like a game, make it fun and give the winner treats and food to make it more competitive. The repetition of listening to your friends read their notes will be an added bonus of more revision going through your mind, whilst testing each other in a fun way!

  1. Feed the Brain

Always remember to feed the brain! Your brain is working hard so it needs fueling in the right way. Nuts are the perfect brain food, as well as Dark chocolate, Blueberries and Broccoli to help with memory. You should always be drinking a lot of water, STAY HYDRATED! Keep a refillable water bottle on your desk or in your bag at all times. Lastly never pass up a cheeky treat now and again, it makes us happy and that’s the whole point at the end of the day!  

  1. Bedtime story

Turning your revision notes into a story will help with remembering things clearly and easier. Making similar sounded words into parts, people and places will make your revising fun and enjoyable whilst totally rememberable when it comes to your exams. This only usually works with well with subjects like English literature, language, History and Science. Once you have made a story, always try to read through it every night before going to bed, grab a cup of tea and enjoy…

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