A Christmas film for every mood: which should you watch tonight?

Feeling festive but spoilt for choice? Here's I SAW IT FIRST's ultimate guide to Christmas movies. All you need now is a hot chocolate and a onesie, snuggle up and chill out. 

In the mood for.... Romance

Grab your best girls round, whether your single af or feeling loved up - sometimes we just need to watch something soppy. Christmas chocolate and mince pie ice-cream is a must. If you're feeling this way the film for you has gotta be Love Actually.

In the mood for... Christmas overload

Who needs to grow up anyway? If anybody tells us that Elf is a kid's film, they're living their life wrong. Elf has gotta be our fave Christmas film of ALL TIME. In fact, we invited some of our fave girls round to Everyman Cinema to watch it with us! #ChristmasPartyGoals

In the mood for.... Family time

The very best family movie for Christmas has got to be It's a Wonderful Life. Serious feel good vibes to cheer you up, even though Christmas has made you broke and all you've gained this year is weight. Round up your whole family, even if they drive you up the wall 90% of the time, Christmas is about family.

In the mood for.... Culture (ish)

Okay so, it may not be the most intellectual movie - but it's still Dickens, right?! It's a classic story told by our favourite puppets. What's not to love? You can still tell people you were watching the famous story of Scrooge, even if it was The Muppets Christmas Carol.

In the mood for.... Acting your shoe size

It's definitely therapeutic to hang around with kids. Grab your siblings, cousins, neighbour's kids, or just on your own - no judging here. Arthur Christmas is the one for watching when you wanna just forget about adult-real-world-worries and watch a cartoon. 

In the mood for.... Girly vintage vibes

This story could probably not get any more festive if it tried. If you're an old movie fan, love Marilyn and Audrey... this could be the Christmas film for you. Plus, it's good for a sing along - you'll surely know the title song 'White Christmas'.


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