A day in the life of a Student Icon

A day in the life of a Student Icon

We asked our fab girls from our Student Icon programme to give us some insight into how they balance uni work, a social life and being productive while creating amazing content. Read to find out more!

Alex Cahill

In lockdown I’ve been waking up slightly later than usual and I always make a cup of tea before I do anything 😂 I always have croissants for breakfast they are literally my life! Then I get my laptop out to start my uni work for the day which takes up most of my day! For lockdown I stayed in Cardiff in Wales with my boyfriend and the lockdown here ended last week so luckily I’m still able to go the gym each day after my work and workout which I love doing! After the gym I usually have a shower & start to get ready to do Instagram content - I've made my own little studio in the spare room😂! Once I’m happy with the photos I’ll put my pyjamas on & usually spend time afterwards looking on clothing websites trying to put together good outfits so I have ones ready & I'm not stressing looking for one when it comes to going somewhere, it makes it so much easier 🤍 I always end my day in bed with another cup of tea in bed watching Netflix, at the moment I'm loving the haunting of Bly Manor! I'm also planning on rewatching all of the Harry Potter films! There's nothing better than watching Harry Potter when its dark & horrible outside!! @alexcahilll

Alice Nendick

So I wake up at around 10 am and always make a smoothie for something fresh in the morning. Always have a morning shower to wake me up and put on comfy clothes on, definitely no jeans in lockdown! I usually start my uni work at 11am and spend an hour on work. Then make an easy lunch and watch something on Netflix or a film, trying to get through all the Harry Potters at the moment. I usually chill with my friends in my house and if I have any lectures to catch up on re-watch and make notes on them. I think the way I’m coping with lockdown is having a bit of a routine to fill my days. And the odd takeaway to get me through! @alicenendickx

Anya O'Hare

Although it's lockdown my days are still pretty varied, if I'm not doing uni work, iIm usually doing work for my part time jobs. I find it really hard to workout in the flat, so my best bet for exercise it going for runs or walks outside & it gets you out the house and among nature. My flatmates and I often have themed cooking nights which can be really fun and something to break up the week. The best way to cope for me is just taking day by day and using the opportunity of reduced social time to work on yourself and work as hard as you can. @anyaohare


Bianca Betts

Typically I wake up (later than planned🥴) and go through Twitter while I make my pre-workout meal. Get to the gym nice and early then spend the rest of the day studying at uni. Boring but it’s exam season! I meet up with friends through the week which helps me relax. I’m coping better than last lockdown because I’m actually busy with uni work. I’m also using summer 2021 for keeping consistent at the gym! @biancabetts


Ellie Tiffany

On a weekday my pays are quite repetitive. I would wake up around 8 do uni work 9-5 and then work out!! Oh and eat lots through the day (study snacks). My current lockdown weekends are usually getting content, going on nice walks and a takeaway at night!! Nothing glamorous even though I cannot wait till bars re-open😌 @ellietiffany_


Jenny Chapman

I set alarms 8-9 to make sure I get up early-ish. I think this is really important in Winter as you can make the most of the daylight and it helps me enjoy the full day. Then the first thing I do is have a cup of tea in bed to wake up - I can't start my day without it. Then I like to go for a run to make sure I get my exercise in otherwise I can't be trusted not to skip it (oops). When I'm home I shower and do my skin routine and then I feel set for the day! I make to do lists for each day with uni work, exercise and chill time to break the day down and it feels good as I tick things off. I try stick to the routine of doing exercise in the morning, uni work in the day, and then chill time in the evening so that I'm outside when it's light and then getting wrapped up and cosy when it starts to get cold and dark. I try to stay off my phone before bed when I'm chilling to make sure I'm really relaxing and not getting distracted with the news or caught up in social media - this really helps me get a good night's sleep too! @jennychapman_


Jess Ottley-Woodd

My days all seem to start the same, I’ll let myself have a lie in as why not its lockdown and so I’ll get up at around 9/9:30am. I’ll jump in the shower, brush my teeth and complete my skin care routine. When my skin is prepped I honestly feel so much better and ready for the day ahead. I’ve gotten into the routine of making myself an iced coffee for that morning kick and I’ll then sit down at my desk in my bedroom and plan out my day. It normally consists of watching online lectures and working on my assignments. I’ll break for lunch at around 1/2pm and I’ll go on my daily walk either before or after I eat. Then back to the desk I go to complete some more work and do some admin for IG collaborations and posts. I tend to stop working around 5pm and will chill out before dinner and maybe plan some TikTok or IG content for the week. I don’t know about anyone else, but my sleeping routine has become so messed up with lockdown that I won’t get to sleep until around 12/1am.. hence the lie in in the morning!! I’ve also just started One Tree Hill (late to the party, I know), so I’ll watch that in bed, sometimes with a mug of hot chocolate!! My days in the week are very similar and quite boring; I’m currently immersed in assignments, my dissertation and job applications for next summer. I’ll get all my IG content at the weekend, unless it’s raining and then I’ll swap a day out in the week for this. @jessottleywoodd


Kareena Jethwa

I usually wake up at 9, and get ready to take any Instagram content that I need to. After that, I usually have a lecture at around 2, which keeps my busy till 4. My day goes super fast, which I love due to being in lockdown again. It definitely keeps me busy. After my lecture I usually facetime my parents to speak to them as I miss them so much while being at uni. Then I’ll just relax in the kitchen with my flat mates and play Uno, while getting dinner ready. @kareenajethwa


Katie Hoyle

In terms of my daily routine at the moment, it is kind of boring. I wake up and try to do uni work in the mornings, I then get ready and walk into town to get a Pret coffee. After my walk, I will either do some more uni work or chill with my housemates. We have been trying to keep ourselves entertained by organising in-house events, such as a black tie dinner party and a 'pub crawl' through all the rooms in our house where we all dressed up. This coming week we are running a Couples Come Dine With Me for 4 nights which should be fun! @katiehoylee


Maddy Madden-Ketley

The first thing I do when I wake up is say three things I am grateful for because it gets me in a positive mindset for the rest of the day. I will then go and make a green tea in my favourite mug and open my laptop to start my online seminars. I finish uni at around 1pm and then get ready to go for a walk. I like going for a walk with my house mates to break up the day and it also gets me out the house. It also means I get a bit of exercise because I have no motivation for home workouts at the minute. All the girls will then make tea together and we sit down for the night to watch TV in the front room, TOWIE is our favourite 😂 My coping mechanism at the minute is definitely social media. Taking pictures for my instagram and filming YouTube videos keeps me busy when I’m not doing uni work. It is my ‘escape’ and helps me forget about everything that is going on at the minute. @maddymk_


Nicole McKenzie

When I found out university was going to be completely online this year I felt nervous initially as it is my last year and I worried it would be difficult to stay motivated. Now, after a few weeks, I am used to it and have learned a few tips to stay on track and make things feel more normal. My main tip would be to wake up early and keep a good sleeping pattern. Unpopular opinion but I actually love a 9am start as it encourages me to get up early and get on with my day. I always start with a skin care routine, breakfast and a YouTube video to wake me up. I also try to resist the temptation to stay in my pyjamas all day and get dressed into some nice comfy loungewear. This makes me feel ready for the day and makes it easier to focus. A hobby that helped me a lot through the last lockdown was content creation. I started Tik Tok and focused more on Instagram at the start of lockdown which gave me something to do that I could base a routine around. Getting ready to film or take photos also gives me an excuse to get ready, get dressed and get out and about which stopped me from sitting in all the time! I feel hopeful for the rest of the year that I will be able to take this opportunity to focus on my last year of uni and have plenty of time to get through the work! @nicolemckenziee_


Shannon Spalding

A day in lockdown starts off usually with uni, I either have a seminar or listen to one of my lectures. I have been loving making smoothie bowls with granola, I have this for breakfast/lunch. Me and my boyfriend will usually go for a walk unless I’m having a content day (this is because it takes me ages to get ready lol). I’ve been doing a lot more skincare in lockdown so pamper nights have been becoming a regular thing. I’ve been rewatching gossip girl too as it’s my all time favourite series. I have been coping with lockdown well as I can be very unorganised so it helps me to get on top of everything and I can spend so much more time creating content! @shannonspaldingx


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