Strategies For Becoming A Morning Person by The Studio Wellness

Strategies For Becoming A
Morning Person

Want to bounce out of bed without hitting snooze on the alarm? We’ve got
seven top tips lined up for how you can make 2021 the year you become a
morning person!

7 steps to becoming a morning person:



Get to bed early – The better rest you have, the easier it is to get up
feeling refreshed.



No snoozing allowed – Resist hitting the snooze button it makes it
harder to get up, we promise.



Be consistent – Keep a regular bedtime and wake up time to allow your
body to settle in to a routine.



No scrolling – Stay away from the technology! Blue light from our
screens disturbs our sleep.



Wake up with the sun – Crack the curtains and wake up the natural way,
with the sun!



What are you looking forward to? – Pick one thing you are looking
forward to that day and let it motivate you!



Change your mindset change your life! – Be grateful! Not everyone got
the chance to wake up today. YOU did!


Every day is a gift that isn’t guaranteed. You weren’t guaranteed to wake
up today but you did, so celebrate it!

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