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Celebs at Prom

Celebs at Prom

Britney Spears

It’s Britney Bitch… How cute does Brit look hear? Proof she was always a queen.

Demi Lovato

Lady in red, Demi looked as GORGE as ever, accompanying her kindergarten bestie to his prom.

Jessica Alba

I guess some were just born beautiful. Alba managed to look hot in THAT dress? That’s a talent in itself to be honest.

Taylor Swift

Bad spray tan? Check. Kitten heels? Check. Matching date outfits? Big check. Oh Taylor.

Bella Thorne

Back in her Disney days Bella attended her high school prom dressed in a turquoise ball gown that’s so far from her now edgy style.

Blake Lively

Rumour has it New York socialite was spotted in a pink sequin dress at her high school prom xoxo Gossip Girl


Imagine being the guy that took BEYONCE to prom! It can only go downhill from their really…

Lady Gaga

You mean there was a time when she wore normal clothes??? Either way she looks GORGE as ever.


Ru has never been afraid to be himself- and prom was no different.

Natalie Portman

Elegant of ever Natalie Portman glitters in sliver. Guess celebs really are a different breed to us....

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