Daily Self Love Checklist

Remember to repeat your mantras each morning

Keep on manifesting and keep your goals in sight. We find keeping your fave mantras pinned to your mirror is super helpful, this way you can see them whilst getting ready! Repeat aloud or in your head 5-10 times when you wake up each morning for some positive vibes.

-          Old ways won’t open new doors

-          It won’t feel like this forever

-          I have the power to change my story

-          The perfect moment, is this one!

-          I’ve decided that I’m good enough

-          My strength is greater than any struggle.

Drink at least 2L of water

-          Drink at least 2L of water

It’s important to keep your body hydrated as when we don’t it clouds our minds. When you’re dehydrated it is hard to think clearly, partake in exercise and gives you bad skin! And there is nothing like a pimple to kill those good vibes. 2litres a day is recommended for emotional, physical and mental wellbeing. So get chugging girl!

Eat enough food to nourish your body

It’s easy nowadays to get caught up in the diet culture of Instagram. Yes you may want a fabulous bikini pic, but restricting and denying yourself of food your body needs does much more harm than good. In the same breath, it’s super important to focus on getting your 5-a-day and eating food which are going to nurture your body.

Wear something that makes you feel good

We get it, some days you just wanna lounge around in your fave jogger shorts and sweatshirt. But if that’s what you need that day, go for it girl. Self love is wearing whatever makes you feel good and confident. So work that summer tailoring if it makes you feel like a boss, or stay lounging in those fresh, silky pyjamas you just treated yourself to.

Listen to your fave song

Is there anything better than a one woman karaoke in the car? Didn’t think so. Make a playlist and keep adding your fave feel good songs. Don’t be afraid to belt them out either, it’s all in the name of self love.

Spare time for your skin care / tanning regime

Anyone else get shudders at the thought of those periods where your skin just seems to keep breaking out, and your legs look SO pasty? Same. So spare a little time to focus on your skincare or tanning regime. After lockdown, Thursday night tanning may seem like a distant memory but just think how good you’ll feel when you’re a silly shade of mahogany again…

Make sure to stretch your muscles

Exercise is important as it releases endorphins, which are basically a hormone your brain releases in order to feel good. We’re not saying become a gym bunny (if you are, you go girl) but maybe try 5 minutes of yoga when you wake up, or take yourself for a little walk in the evening. Self care hack: listen to your fave songs on the walk for double points.

Take a relaxing bath / shower

Baths aren’t for everyone, sometimes all you need is to belt out a beyonce tune in a nice hot shower. If you are a bath person, treat yourself to a candle lit one and go all out with some unreal smelling body scrubs and lotions. You’ll be a different person afterwards. Promise.

Reflect on what you have achieved that day

It’s so easy to get caught up in the hustle and bustle of daily life. Even easier to get stuck in a rut of being overly hard on ourselves. Take a moment before bed each night to reflect on what you have actually achieved that day, even the littlest of victories count!

Have a chat with someone that makes you happy

Sometimes self love is as simple as choosing who to spend your energy on. Feeling a little down? Reach out to someone you know will make you feel good, positive vibes are infectious.

Be thankful for what you have got

The only way to successfully manifest is to stay thankful for what we have got. The universe gives back in ways we may not expect, so stay grateful for what you do have. This way when something really big comes along, it’ll feel even better.

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