Day 2: ISAWITFIRST Staff's Weird Christmas Traditions

Day 2: ISAWITFIRST Staff's Weird Christmas Traditions

Got a weird Christmas tradition? We searched high and low at the ISAW HQ to find out what our staff get up to during the festive season!

"My Dad barbecues the turkey every year. We used to always live in hot countries so wasn’t that weird but he’s carried on the tradition in freezing Yorkshire!"

"So my bfs family do this thing where the grandma makes a gingerbread house and you put it in the middle of the table and you have to pass a wooden spoon round one by one. The grandma starts a couple lines of a story and as each person gets handed the spoon they have to carry on with the story (the more weird the more wonderful) and then it has to all get back to a gingerbread house getting demolished and when the stories finishes you all have to whack it with wooden spoons and then you eat it 😊"

"Every year my mom buys a box of Ferrero Rocher for me and my brothers… every year she carefully opens the box and unwraps one chocolate and replaces it with a Brussel sprout and then reseals the box as if nothing’s happened.

Every year we sit watching the Royle Family Christmas special and low and behold each of us in turn getting the Sprout!"

"Naming the turkey every year! x"

"I only eat chocolate for breakfast on xmas day! We never have a proper breakfast we just eat all the chocolate presents we get as we have our Christmas dinner quite early"

"My boyf goes out for a curry every year"

"Me and my brother get matching Christmas pyjamas that we open on Christmas Eve and wear on Christmas Day"

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