Day 4: 2020 - An Honest Review

Day 4: 2020 - An Honest Review

Nothing could’ve ever prepared us for what we had in store for 2020. This year has really taught us so much and made us realise what is truly important in life. We’ve had tears and tiers, remote working and failed zoom calls. And although we’re glad it’s nearly over, there’s definitely some things worth reflecting on and remembering for 2021.

Because we had to alter so many things in life we’d got used to, 2020 has definitely taught us to just appreciate everything. Appreciate everything and everyone you have around you while you still can. We couldn’t see other households for months at the start of lockdown and it’s safe to say we missed being around our loved ones and probably took the time we did spend together for granted. We now fully understand the importance of knowing how good our lives are, really looking at the positives and making sure we keep everything close to us.

At the start of the year, it’s always the same. We make resolutions, set out plans for our year and intend to do many things we might not have tried before. But of course everything soon changed and a lot of the things we wanted to do, we then couldn’t. If your goal of 2020 was to get healthy, gain new experience/skills or travel to places you’ve never been before - you definitely got a shock because of COVID. So what we’re trying to say is, just do things will you can. Gain as much experience as you can when we have the chance, be willing to say yes to new opportunities and just go for it! When the pandemic becomes more controllable and things start to feel normal again, I think we’re definitely going to have a new outlook on things - and for the better! Why don’t you start writing a ‘Post-COVID Plans’ list so you’ve got some exciting things to work towards? There’s no harm in manifesting your perfect future!

There are people that enjoy their own company and people that don’t. During both lockdowns, we experienced being alone or at least knew someone having to be by themselves. The thought can definitely be scary for some people and forced us all to get used to spending time with ourselves. At first it seemed impossible, but as time went on I think we all realised if we stuck to some kind of productive plan, tried to keep busy and made a plan for our week - it got easier. Being by yourself can be great, as we can do whatever we want, when we want! It’s the perfect time to start a new hobby and figure out what we really wanna do with our lives!

We definitely understood the importance of communication during lockdown. Everyone was dealing with their own problems and during the pandemic when people were alone, we resorted to all sorts to keep in touch with our loved ones. From Facetime dates to Zoom quiz nights, we went to the ends of the Earth for any kind of normality! The importance of mental health became even more clear over the months as it challenged a lot of people. That’s why it’s so important to check in with your friends and family where you can, you never know what someone is dealing with behind closed doors and for them, a simple ‘how are you’ could make all the difference.

The phrase ‘working from home’ didn’t fit into our reality until COVID happened. Transitioning from office life to home life was an exciting prospect for us all (mainly because of the lie ins in the morning!) But because of this, our bedrooms moulded into our work spaces and we definitely got too comfortable rolling out of bed and working in our pyjamas. As time went on, it became clear we were associating our own living spaces with work and it got hard to switch off from this after hours. Learning to switch off means forgetting everything work-related and using your living space in a way that’s super relaxing. Yoga, cooking a nice meal, watching your fave series in your comfy pyjamas - anything! Just make sure you know when to stop working and allow yourself to wind down for the night. Shop our lounge and nightwear here to find your perfect after hours fit.

Let’s not kid ourselves - 2020 was stressful and we all know it! And people deal with stress in different ways. Whether it’s stress eating, working out, wanting to hole up or needing to be around other people. Whatever is more you, we saw some changes mentally and physically. It’s crucial to understand that our bodies are changing all the time and depends a lot on our environment and situation - THAT’S OKAY! We can’t expect our bodies to stay the same, especially during stressful situations. Everyone deals with it differently. What we need to embrace is learning how to love ourselves no matter what and that we’re all perfect in our own way. It’s a natural thing to experience, so go with the flow! If you’re unhappy with what you’re seeing, make realistic changes that are going to benefit you mentally and physically. Either way, just know that everything really is fine, and you’re okay!

This seems like the most ridiculous point, as it makes complete sense for us all to be conscious where we put our hands, where we’re spreading germs and how clean we really need to keep things. So this is a simple one - pay attention to your hygiene, wash your hands constantly and cover your mouth!!


Whatever happened in 2020, let's just forget it all, learn from it and move on in the best way. 2021 is definitely our year!

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