Day 6: Top tips for a stress-free Christmas Day

Day 6: Top tips for a stress-free Christmas Day

Christmas is about enjoying yourself with your friends and family, so the last thing we need is stress - 2020 has brought us enough of that already! So here are some tip tops for keeping calm and having a stress-free Christmas Day.

It’s a known fact that when your skin feels good, you feel good. When it comes to you, it’s what’s underneath that counts. Fitting in a morning pamper session on Christmas Day will definitely set you up right for the rest of the day, having you feel clean, refreshed and ready for anything! Start in the shower and exfoliate your body, followed by copious amounts of moisturiser after so you can feel silky smooth. Apply a face mask while listening to your fave Spotify playlist, put on some shimmer spray when you’ve got your outfit on, spray some of your sweetest perfume, even put on some fake tan the night before and you’ll feel so good about yourself - I promise! Now you’ll definitely be photoready.


Picture this: it’s Christmas Day, foggy and cold outside and you’re cosied up in your living room with some amazing loungewear on. Having a cosy lounge set on definitely decreases stress levels (I’m pretty sure it’s scientific!!) so you need to plan your perfect Christmas comfies ahead of the day. I highly recommend getting yourself an oversized borg hoodie, because it literally feels like you’re walking around being hugged by a blanket all day. It’s practical, you can wear anything you want with it and the neutral colourways mean it’ll go with whatever else you decide to wear. If a 3 piece is more your thing then opt for this burgundy tie waist cardigan set, a pulled off look that requires no effort at all!


Nothing says getting in the holiday spirit like some fun party games for Christmas Day! As long as you’re surrounded with family or friends, you really can’t go wrong. So why not start up some party games as a midday activity (just after you’ve scoffed all your Christmas chocolates). Having fun means you won’t be stressed, and we can’t have that can we?! Shop our Christmas category here to find some fun games to play! 

If you’re hosting this year it can be very stressful, there’s no doubt. Being prepared for everything will definitely help, especially with things like cooking, presents and decorating. Take some time before Christmas Day to really think about what needs to be done. Write a list of everything you need, what shops you need to visit, what needs to be prepped ahead of 25th and the time frames for all of them. If you need to wrap your presents to put under the tree, do this a while in advance so you can get them out the way. As far as cooking goes, the day before will be crucial. Try and prep as much as you can, and it’s always worth looking online for some recipes on how you can make the most of your Christmas Day without spending it in the kitchen!

There are no rules during the holidays when it comes to food. We eat chocolate for every meal, leftover roast sandwiches on Boxing Day & lashings of prosecco at all times. It’s part of what makes the festive season so great! Therefore, you just do you! Not worrying about what you’re eating will give you less stress for the big day. Do and eat whatever makes you happy!

When you’ve got your Christmas money and want a chilled out afternoon, why not online shop?! Whether you’re shopping for a new winter coat to get you through the cold season, some new tops for your New Year’s Eve event or just some loungewear if you’re still in Tier 3 and wanna hibernate until 2020 is over. Anything goes, so get to all your fave websites! Don’t forget to shop our new in for some amazing, affordable styles!

One thing that’s definitely not stressful is sitting back and having a quiet moment to yourself. Amongst all the chaos of Christmas Day, it really makes a lot of sense just to remember how appreciative you actually are. Whether you’re surrounded by your family, with friends or on your own - being thankful and knowing what you have is a perfect way to end the day. We want nothing but positive vibes for the rest of 2020 so we can start the new year with a good attitude and a positive mindset.


Wishing you as little stress as possible for the big day! Follow our Instagram for some motivational quotes & style inspo.

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