Day in the Life of an ISAW Videographer

We sat down for a chat with our ISAW videographer, Alex Kirwin to get all the goss on her recent trip to LA for our #ISAWicons The Party Edition campaign.


Describe your typical day at I SAW IT FIRST.

There is no typical day at I SAW IT FIRST! Every day is crazy and wonderfully different from another. Working in fast fashion is exactly what it says on the tin – FAST, but so exciting! The team at I SAW IT FIRST are so lovely and passionate about the brand that no matter what’s going on or where we are, there’s always good vibes! Whether I’m shooting in the studio or on location - it’s an amazing feeling being a part of something so creative. So in a nutshell a typical day is fun, fabulous and full of content!


What did you enjoy the most from the LA campaign trip?

I’d be lying if I didn’t say the In and Out burger I had on the first day (joking), overall I enjoyed watching the campaign come together the most. The ‘Party Edition’ product is so stunning and to be able to film it on one of our amazing Icons in an amazing city was something really special. The rooftop shots from the end of the day gave me Goosebumps and filming up there whilst the sun came down was definitely a major highlight.


What was your fave outfit from the shoot?

The Gold Sequin Cami Dress was my favourite outfit from the shoot and is already in my bag for New year!

Other favourite outfits for the party season:



What's been your favourite campaign so far?

Since starting at I SAW IT FIRST exactly a year ago, I’ve been involved in some amazing shoots. From London to LA to Ibiza (any many more), it’s hard to pick a favourite. I’d definitely say this year’s ISAWICONS campaign has a special place in my heart. It’s exciting to get to know the girls in front of the camera and find out what aspires them to be an icon. Our original Icon and LA babe Cindy Kimberly brought so much energy to the shoot that she’s won me over so I’d have to answer with our most recent shoot in LA. It was a real treat to take ISAWICONS over to the states to film the Party Edition!


Advice/Top tips for anyone wanting to be a Videographer?

Stay creative! Don’t be afraid to put your ideas out there and be prepared to work hard! (and pack your passport 😊)

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