Dressin' Up For Bae

Finding first date outfit ideas or even 10th date outfit ideas doesn’t have to be a struggle. You need to look and feel yourself when you’re out on a date to make sure your OH gets a taste of the real you from the outside in. So, if you’ve just been asked out and you need some serious style inspo for the big date, check out our top rules for choosing the perfect date outfit to make sure you’re comfortable and confident no matter what you’re up to.  


Rule 1 - Don’t Go Against Your Own Style

First things first, it can be so easy to get swayed by what we see online and on our fave Insta accounts. While it’s great to get inspired by people’s style, you want to always remember to keep your date night outfits in line with your own style so you’re showing your true self. This way, you’ll always feel more comfortable.


Rule 2 - Don’t Underestimate the Jeans and a Nice Top Outfit

Jeans and a nice top too much of a cliché for you? But think about it, it’s cute, casual, cool and can be super sexy when done right so why not? It’s a classic combo for a reason after all. Opt for high-waist jeans to snatch your curves and team it with anything from a sleek bodysuit to a cute crop top with your go-to heels to make sure you don’t trip.


Rule 3 – Keep it Comfortable

Comfortable doesn’t have to mean joggers and a baggy tee. However, you want your outfit to be comfy so that you’re not distracted by a digging-in waistband or yanking up a strapless bra all night (which might distract your date too!). Avoid wearing heels you’ve never road-tested before – struggling to walk, not so cute.


Rule 4 - Casual is Cool

Casual can actually be much cooler than an ultra-glam look so if dressing up isn’t your vibe, don’t worry! A classic pair of black skinny jeans will always go down well. Style it with a graphic tee and heels and it’s the perfect balance of sexy and relaxed.


Rule 5 – Don’t Be Afraid to Go Sexy

Being comfortable and confident is key so if a sexy look is your vibe, go for it. A sheer top layered with a cute bralette or crop and skirt is a chic way to do sexy but subtle.


Need some newness for a big date? We got you. Need some style advice to go along with it? That’s why we’re here! Dates can be nerve-racking, but your outfit shouldn’t make this worse. Avoid anything that makes you feel uncomfortable and although it’s great to be creative, make sure you stick to your own style instead of something you’ve seen online. And lastly, girl, you got this!

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