Era Throwbacks: 90s Baby

Do you ever see something that just immediately takes you back to when you were a kid? And then get annoyed because you don’t have a time machine that you can just pop into so you can relive those childhood moments again. Well look no further than right here! Let’s take a moment to look back and appreciate everything that being born in the 90s had to offer us.


Furbies seemed like such a cool idea. You named it, looked after it, taught it human words and made a nice little friendship with it. But after a while, you have to admit they got quite creepy? Sometimes it blinked by itself or it just spoke out the blue in the middle of the night! They never seemed to turn off. Super creepy and not something we wanna relive again.


Slinkies were iconic and everyone either owned the original silver one or a multicoloured second edition. These were so fun to play with and they actually worked! Setting one off at the top of the stairs and watching it go down each step with proudness in your eyes until it reached the bottom. The fun seemed to end the minute it got tangled, which it inevitably always did. After that, it lost all functionality forever.


Remember Blockbusters? We remember the excitement of a Friday night going to your local Blockbusters with your mum and dad to find a video to watch for the weekend. It was a ritual that we’ll probably never experience again – thanks a lot Netflix!! Instantly picking a film and watching it in the click of a button will have to do, although we do miss the additional trip to the shop to get the sweets to scoff during the video.


Polly pockets were seriously so cute. The fact they were so tiny made them all the more cute and you could collect so many different ones. Everything was so compact and the fact you could close them shut meant you could take them anywhere, like in the car with you or when you went on holiday. This pic is giving us serious throwback feels.


You really didn’t know true commitment until you owned a Tamagotchi. Looking after that felt like a full-time job for us kids and we honestly felt like proud parents when it grew up into an adult. When you forgot to feed it for a few days, it was like the world had come to an end and you’d never felt guilt quite like it before. No wonder we have commitment issues now!!


What made Bop It’s so great was the fact there were so many different versions of it. First there was Bop It, then there was Bop It Xtreme with 4 functions and then there was a mini hand-held version. It kept us entertained for absolutely hours and we can still hear ‘Twist it’, ‘Pull it’, ‘Flick it’, ‘Spin it’ in our heads 23 years on.


Owning a Password Journal felt like you could write down all your deepest darkest secrets and have them hidden forever (AKA which boy you fancied in school). That is until for some reason it stopped recognising your voice and you couldn’t even get into it anymore. We’d pay good money to see what ours said now!


Having a zip up folder to store all your CDs was life changing. All your fave hits in one place to whack into your pink CD player and bust out your dance moves seemed like an ideal day. Pop Party, Britney Spears’ In The Zone and Usher’s My Way all made it in there, not to mention every CD from Now That’s What I Call.


Remember the advert on TV for Juicy Drop Pops? Nothing says childhood like sweets that were insanely bad for you and made your teeth rot instantly. One part was flavoured lolly and the other part was a sour juice to add to the lolly for extra flavour (AKA extra sugar). It’s definitely everything we didn’t need when we were growing up!


Being invited to a birthday party when you were a kid meant going to McDonald’s with about 20 of your friends for the entire afternoon and having the room look something like this. Fun at the time but now we feel bad for which parents had to try and control us all – absolute struggles.


Heelys were definitely the pinnacle of childhood for a lot of people. Getting a pair of these bad boys at Christmas meant you were a part of an elite club of kids zooming away. Can we bring these back so we can zoom away from our adult problems please?!


And finally, the ultimate throwback for us has to be using MSN in all its prime. The main communication during primary school and high school. Nudging people every 10 seconds, having everyone in your friendship group in your personal message and using every emoticon (the OG emoji) under the sun when thinking of your display name.


Growing up in the 90s definitely taught us legitimate life skills. We’re all classically trained in looking after make-believe pets until they’re fully grown, eating sweets so bad they give our dentists nightmares and dealing with the heartbreak of our belongings breaking on us a month after having them. We wanna personally thank Barbie and Bratz for turning us into the fashion queens we are today.

Aren't you glad you grew up in this ICONIC era?

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