From our girl Gwyneth Paltrow, to Oprah, to George Clooney and even Cher (scream) everyone is all about FENG SHUI atm. If it's good enough for Cher it's good enough for us!

We spoke to Amanda Gibby Peters - creator of SIMPLE SHUI and all round Feng Shui expert - to learn more about this ancient art and how lockdown is the perfect time to get your house in order...


Amanda Gibby Peters is the voice and founder of Simple Shui – a modern-day, mission-driven, love-based practice of Feng Shui. As a professional consultant and author, Amanda leads Feng Shui retreats and workshops; contributes her expertise to influencers and thought leaders; and consults clients around the world. After successfully teaching its wisdom and techniques for over a decade, here’s what she knows for sure: “Feng Shui triggers opportunities, enhances potential for success, and reconnects us with our own wisdom to influence positive change.”

Her book – Simple Shui for Every Day: 365 Ways to Feng Shui Your Life– is available now on Amazon, Bookshop.org, and your local bookstores!


Let’s go back to basics! What exactly is Feng Shui?

Thousands of years ago, philosophers noticed if a seedling had the “luck” of landing in healthy soil where sun, water and protection were adequate, it would grow and thrive. However, if a seed landed somewhere without any of these “ingredients,” it struggled. This observation gave them pause: Would a person also grow and thrive if “planted” in a healthy environment?

Feng Shui’s wisdom observes that our surroundings constantly influence our well-being. It’s also a practice that extends an opportunity for us to co-create a space that promotes our happiness, health and abundance.

How does Feng Shui work?

When we make deliberate choices to feel better in our space, it influences our mood. Our mood determines our behaviors, which somersault into the decisions we make. And those decisions affect the outcomes we experience. So, whether you “believe in” Feng Shui or not, your surroundings are always affecting how you feel and behave! The best question you can ask is: where are opportunities in my space for me to remove obstacles or “plant” improvements?


We're all spending so much more time at home and we want good vibes only. What's the process?

1. Find a favorite thing in your home. Maybe even your favorite place to sit.

2. Describe it in detail, using your 5 senses. Dive into the colors, textures, feel and functionality, and purpose. Why do you adore it? How does it make you feel every time you see it?

3. Now, find something you don’t like. How would you describe it? What words come to mind? How does it make you feel every time you see it?

4. Next, replace the object or space you selected with the words “I am..”.

Our environment is that revealing – those descriptions reflect you and how you’re feeling at any given moment. Ideally, we want to look around and feel “This place is SO me/us.”

What if your home isn’t living up to the life you desire? Good news! There is always an invitation to hit the refresh button in the spaces we live and work. By intentionally ‘dressing’ our homes with our dreams and plans, we find our perspective shifting; our personal growth accelerating; and our life becoming more prosperous.

So, as we step into a new month, try this: intentionally cooperate with this awareness for the next few months. My guess? Your productivity and well-being will flourish! And if you’re wondering how, here are 9 ways to get your house supporting and smiling back at you!



Be intentional

Intention is the power you hold to involve yourself in the positive changes you seek. Focus your attention on intention first, and it will improve the precision of all your home improvement efforts.


Give yourself a fresh start

If everything around you has been in the same exact spot for over a year, it’s time to push up your sleeves. Pick a room or corner where time stands still, and take everything out/down. Wipe the entire space down and clean like God is coming! Possibility begins with responsibility. Elbow-deep cleaning sounds more forced than fun, but it is absolutely required to resuscitate a home’s energy.


 Ask yourself: Is this inspiration or a distraction?

Once your space is minty fresh, it is a ripe chance to recycle ruthlessly. Only keep what is loved, useful, necessary or aligned with your intentions. There is a difference between an emotional bond to something and emotional bondage because of something.

And if you’re still unsure, know this: Transformation is not tentative.

If you don’t feel “HELL, YES!” when deciding, it’s a “NO.”


“Fit” your life

What survives the edit deserves its own “home” immediately. Just like you know where your bed is, all things need their own space. Belongings belong somewhere. In return, you’ll feel more at home, too!


Fill up on open space

Leave a couple spaces clear – 20% open space is ideal. When we have stuff in every corner of a room, we suggest two things: (1) We can’t handle more. (2) We don’t have anywhere to receive better opportunities or more abundance. Think of a change you’d like to manifest in your life, imbue your space with a little breathing room, and watch those opportunities amplify right before your eyes!


Rock the cash-bah!

If you were money, would you want to live in your house?

 If anything is broken, burned out, or dead, fix or remove it. Each of these disrupt wealth flowing in your life. If there is leaky plumbing, this contributes to money dribbling away. Pay attention to “just in case” items – these fertilize our worries of not having enough now and later. Unfinished projects that linger strip our energy to its studs.

 And then…

Stoke the consciousness of abundance all around you! Stock the coffers, and refill those empty reserves. Think: food canisters in the pantry, an empty vase or candle holders.


Bring your home to life

Our interior worlds often consist of hard edges and straight lines, but Mama Nature has all the right curves. She's supple with flowing lines, textured surfaces and asymmetrical beauty. She also encourages chi to move more freely – and moving energy is opportunity energy! To bring balance into your surroundings, add a few swirling prints, air it daily, use natural materials whenever possible, and keep company with a few healthy plants. Zhush your space, and you will feel like a force of nature, too!



Forgiveness is an energy transformer, so turn this into a ritual (that’s right – it is an on-going practice) for the rest of the year.

Any form of detoxification is considered a route to forgiveness – so keep lemons in a bowl, and consider it a visual nudge to drink a glass of lemon water daily. And if you’re long overdue on forgiving yourself, this calls for a sunburst mirror. The sun sends energy in all directions; it’s a force of transformation; and it turns the dark into light. So, hang one up and remember to acknowledge your own radiant essence.


Don’t wait!

You don’t need a new year, a full moon, or a Monday to get started.

Small efforts every day are better than an ambitious overhaul that leaves you overwhelmed, resigned, and stuck.

Feng Shui is a conscious use of our power. When we’re feeling empowered, we trust our gut instincts. Our intuition becomes a reliable filter. The low notes have a harder time getting our attention. And when we draw power to us, we live life to the fullest. So, why wait? Start now dressing your home intentionally and using your space to advocate for yourself. Little by little, you’ll accelerate your productivity and personal growth. And that, m'loves, feels pretty good!


Wanna know more about Feng Shui?

Check out Amanda's website here and check out her Insta here for more!

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