Fight Procrastination Day

Procrastination can get the better of us sometimes… well all the time. As it’s World Procrastination day we decided to have a look at ways you can combat the urge, which ironically, you’re probably doing right now by reading this blog.

How to stop procrastinating:


Yep literally just stop whatever you’re doing now and do that task you’ve been putting off

  • Celebrate the small victories.

Just did half an hour of constant revising? AMAZE. Now treat yourself. Whether that be some chocolate or a new top. Rewarding yourself gives you the motivation to get stuff done.

  • Take a break

In a recent study on productivity the ideal routine is 17-minute breaks for every 52 minutes of work. Now 17 minutes is a lot of time to do whatever you want. Remember to set a timer to keep you on track.

  • Change it up

Rather than doing the same task for hours take on multiple challenges. Spend 15 mins on each and you’re so much less likely to get bored

  • No Distractions

Turn off your phone, find a quiet place and just get stuck in.

  • Have a distraction

On the flip side distractions can be useful for making a task more enjoyable- for example how about listening to a podcast whilst cleaning your room?

We understand that nearly all these steps are procrastinating In themselves, so how about embracing the urge. Here’s some ways you can turn procrastination into self love.

How to turn your procrastination into self love:

  • Realise you need that break

Stop feeling guilty and just do what you want to do in the moment. Don’t feel like starting that essay? Well if you’re not in the right frame of mind your probably not going to get the most out of it.

  • Take advantage of your procrastinating tendencies

If you’re going to procrastinate do something productive with your time. Learn a new sport, bake your favourite cookies to share or read that book you’ve always said you don’t have time to.



Procrastination is often linked to tiredness which makes concentrating on anything near impossible. So naps are a great- useful way to procrastinate.

And if all else fails just know we’re waiting at ;)


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