Get to Know Love Island's Latest Bombshell: Elma Pazar

Just when we were least expecting it, Love Island throws us not one, but TWO absolute worldies into the villa to spice things up. We are living for it, and cannot wait to see what the stunning 26 year old Elma Pazar from Essex has to say and what her motives are in the villa! It’s safe to say all the boys (and probably most of the girls) are going to fall head over heels for this brunette bombshell. Get yourself some behind the scenes juicy info on this beauty, who reveals she was “unsure about going in the villa”- You heard it here first where I SAW IT FIRST get an exclusive chit-chat with Elma Pazar.

Island Style:

Elma states that her look is either “really glam or really homeless” making her very versatile with two sides to her. When she’s not killing it as a glam goddess you’ll probably catch her being casual-cosy in oversized fits and classic basic co-ords (we can relate!). It’s nice to know Elma is comfortable looking “more casual than dressy” as she is not scared or worried about what others think of her. Simplicity is key!

Island Must Haves:  

Elma seems to be a sun worshiper who enjoys tanning but hates a bad tan line! She typically spends her time sunbathing - this explains her perfect tan. We can’t wait to get some tips when she’s inside the villa! You’ll find Elma wearing holiday whites as she adores a white wardrobe on her travels. What’s cuter than beachy white tones against tanned skin? Lush! It’s clear to say we are very excited to see her style our summer staples inside the villa. When it comes to footwear, the island bombshell states how she enjoys basic shoes or something to tie up her leg to add some detail to anyeveryday look.

Island Dislikes:

This little bombshell reveals her absolute “don’t’s” for entering the villa. Whilst she knows exactly what she likes, she equally states her opinion on what she does not enjoy “Can't do smart casual”, I guess this goes in hand with Elma either going hard or home with her looks as she prefers to be casual. Elma also states that she prefers skirts over high-waisted trousers making her appear more girly maybe? She also highly disliked lace as she thinks its makes her look fat, which we find hard to believe! It’s also interesting to know that our gal prefers a choker over an earring for accessorising.  

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