Getting back to the gym with Bam Bam Boogie

Getting back to the gym after lock down

We can’t be the only ones who were all about the home workouts at the start of lockdown. It feels like everyone went through a phase of being determined to leave quarantine a toned, tanned Insta model.

6 months later we’re sat here even more unmotivated than ever so we spoke to Bami Kuteyi, the founder of the twerk out and Bam Bam Boogie. Which basically involves diverse, empowered women making exercise fun again through dance and music.

Here’s the advice she had for us….

I’m too scared to go back to the gym after lock down, how can I get over this?

Bami: 'I would say do what works best for you ... if you don't feel comfortable to go back just yet you don't have too. There are lots of incredible online workouts you can do where you don't need any equipment!'

Healthy habits I can incorporate into my daily routine going back to work & uni?

Bami: 'Making a nice healthy green smoothie every morning before work/uni this will help you to start your day right and glow from the inside out.

You will feel so much more energized for your day. Something else you can do is making sure you get a 10 minute walk/active activity into your day this could mean getting off one stop early and walking for a bit longer or going for a lunchtime walk.'

I can’t find any motivation, what inspires you to work out?

Bami: 'To be honest if I don't like workout, instructor or exercise I just won't do it. Exercise neeeds to be fun for me so because I geniunely enjoy doing twerk workouts @twerkafterwork it doesn't even feel like a workout so I'm happy to do it.

Find something active that you love doing. It doesn't have to be a traditional workout as long as it gets your heart rate up it counts!'

I’ve been snacking throughout lock down, and now I can’t stop! What can I do?

Bami: 'Just change your habits babes! There's absolutely nothing wrong with a good snack, just change the type of snacks you choose.

It's just little fun - to - eat snacks that fill you up but you don't feel guilty after.'

I can’t afford a gym membership after lock down, how can I get fit but not break the bank?

The best way to do this is to get onto Youtube and look at some Youtubers who have 1000's of free workouts on their channels. There are also free fitness apps such as Fiton where you have access so 00's of workouts for FREE.


I’ve been snacking throughout lock down, and now I can’t stop! What can I do?

Bami's fave smoothie recipe:

It's super simple all you need to do is buy your fruits ready frozen then just add some kale, spinach and chia seeds, blend and you're good to go.

Bami's fave quick snacks:

I love to snack on berries, coconut chips, cereal bars or plum tomatoes.


Here's a few of our fave ISAW workout sets to get your heart rate going again...

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