Why are men just impossible to buy for? You can’t just get away with wrapping up a gorgeous candle or boujee skincare product last minute. If you’re having a present-based panic on what to get the boys in your life then read on! From cool Dads, gadget-obsessed brothers and fussy boyfriends we’ve got the lot all wrapped up. Got your work husband for secret santa this year? No problem. We’ve rounded up the best Christmas presents that the men in your life will actually like - you’re welcome!


Arguably the hardest family member to buy for. Dads don’t write a wishlist, they don’t drop hints and they often say they don’t want anything at all, which although is lovely isn’t very helpful. Don’t panic. ISAWITFIRST men’s have got all the dads covered.

1. Daddy Cool

If your dad is a bit of a trend setter and is looking for his next outfit for Christmas then why not get him something super #fashun for Christmas. We can’t get enough of shackets atm and this one is a bestseller and a bargain at that. If your pa isn’t afraid of a funky print he might love this smiley cardigan.

2. Outdoorsy Dad

Whether he’s really into hiking or he’s always in the garden here are some good pressies for the outdoorsy type. Get him a super cosy puffer jacket for those wintery walks like this one or keep his head warm with a knitted beanie.

3. King of the lounge

If your old man is a bit of a homebody then some loungewear and slippers would probably go down a treat. These faux sheepskin numbers are perfect for the cold winter months. What could be better than the gift of comfort? This tracksuit is an absolute bargain. Always get socks for your Dad for Christmas? Sort out his stocking with these socks.


Whether you get on like a house on fire with your brother or you spend most of your days plotting his move out date, we’ve got some great Christmas gift ideas that will show all the brotherly love.

1. The Little Brother who needs to move out

Little brother still not flown the nest but desperately needs to? Why not get him some homeware that will have him flat-hunting in no time. This basket is perfect for throwing all that smelly gym gear in and bringing home to mum to wash! What about some bedding? This navy check set is sure to go down a treat.

2. The Sensible Big Brother

Stuck on what to get your sensible older brother? You can’t go wrong with a knitted polo top. This beige one would work right through to spring or intro a little colour into his wardrobe with this burgundy turtleneck jumper - style under a velvet blazer for major Christmassy vibes.


Maybe you fell for the old ‘let’s not get each other anything this year’ thing but you’ve spotted a little box under the tree for you from him. Maybe you’ve left your fella to the last minute out of sheer panic. Don’t worry we’ve got all boyfriends sorted.

1. For the Groom(er)

If he loves a skincare routine more than you and is always on the hunt for a new fragrance then check out ISAWITFIRST’s grooming section. If he hits the gym a lot then why not wrap up this muscle rub for his stocking, or treat him to a detox with this detox oil. We all love a nice smelling man right? So treat him (and you) to a new aftershave like this spicy number from Hugo Boss: Bottle Night.

2. For the sun worshipper

Whether you’ve got a holiday booked together or he’s booked Ibiza with the boys this summer why not get him something to help him look forward to actual travel plans! These Bad Hero blue lens sunglasses are an absolute bargain and v vibey. Perfect for a new year getaway or summer trip with the boys. If he’s got a thing for hats then this straw fedora is the ideal present. Maybe you just want to get him some new tees? This LL Cool J tee is a vibe and the best bit? You can share!


Always a tricky one but don’t worry we’re here to help. If booze is your usual go-to but doesn’t work for this scenario then don’t panic - we have options!

If you’re looking for something jokey and generic for a Secret Santa you don’t know all that well then this mug is perfect. Wrap it up with some beers or chocolate and you can be sure it’ll go down a storm. Maybe your work husband is the biggest coffee snob going and only brings in his own - god forbid he use the instant in the kitchen! This stainless steel cup with a bamboo lid is a winner. It’s planet and purse friendly! Maybe you’re looking to drop some hints about desk etiquette? This desk organiser will make sure that no unruly papers are drifting over to your desk from now on.

We hope that’s helped your present-panic and means you won’t be leaving all your fellas to the last minute! If you’ve got bae sorted but you’re stuck on your Mum then check out our gift guide for Mums here.  

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