Hand Luggage Hacks: How To Pack Like A Pro

Our PR Executive, Elle, gives us the low-down on how to pack like a pro as she lists her top 5 hand luggage hacks for flying light! Don't think you can do it? We believe in you, sis!

Having forked out for a flight to Santorini am I going to pay an extra gazillion pounds for the luxury of 20kg? No chance Hun. Hand luggage it is. Now, I’m a classic Gemini and always leave my packing to the last minute. Picture the scene: watching reruns of The Hills surrounded by piles of clothes in a state of complete denial, while my carry-on suitcase lies there, looking as empty as my social calendar during Love Island! This lack of organisation is even worse when you’ve only got 10 kilos to play with. Fear not. You don’t have to do a Joey Tribianni and wear all your clothes on the flight. Here’s how to make every kilo count…

1. Pre-order your toiletries and pick them up at the airport.

I KNOW! How in all my 25 years on this planet have I never heard of this? Sorry to all you Londoners this is only available at Manchester (as far as I know). Head over to the Manchester Airport website and get shopping. You are so welcome.

2. Wear your heaviest pieces on the flight.

I know this might seem like an obvious one, but you’d be surprised at how few people do this. Chunky Balenciaga’s, jeans and a heavy knit are a vibe and we all know the real runway is in Departures anyway.

3. E-books are where it’s at.

Whether you’re a regular bookworm or just love soaking up the sun with a paperback in hand while Jose brings you another Pina Colada, a good book is vital for switching off poolside. As quite a voracious reader my Kindle is a holiday essential and another good way of keeping the weight down!

4. It’s all about the versatile basics.

You don’t have the luxury of space. You don’t need 56 bikinis; chances are you’ll wear the same 2 over and over. You definitely don’t need 5 going out dresses for 4 days. You’ve never worn that jumpsuit so why would you all of a sudden be wearing it in Santorini? Be strict with yourself and rely on your most versatile pieces.

5. What’s yours is mine.

Sharing is caring. Going away with your besties? That’s at least another wardrobe that’s up for grabs. Top tip: nominate one person each to bring straighteners, curlers, sun cream and after sun, that way you share the load.

Now turn The Hills off and get to work. Happy Holidays!

Shop our fave versatile pieces below that you can mix and match day to night!


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