Outfit Ideas For A Hen Do

Outfit Ideas For A Hen Do

The best part of your BFFs getting married is obv’ the hen do! It’s the ULTIMATE girls night, the only men allowed are strippers and it’s bound to be hilarious. Whether you’re in charge of planning (shout out Maid of Honour!!) or just lucky enough to be going along, we’ve got you covered with some outfit inspo!

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Fancy Dress Hen Do

Fancy dress is the first thing that comes to mind when we think hen do. We picture Nessa and Stacey dressed as school girls and doing shots in the club when a policeman stripper turns up! So funny.

Using this for inspo, school girl is a super easy look to do. Get the whole group wearing matching pleated skirts and white shirts, add some loose neckties or wear your hair in pigtails! Other fancy dress alternatives include angels, cheerleaders, Baywatch and sexy nuns.

Glam Night Out Hen Do

If fancy dress isn’t the vibe you want, go all out glam instead! We’re talking sequins, satin and stiletto heels. Get everyone’s make up and hair done professionally, too! This is perfect for Hens who love any excuse to dress up – and if getting married isn’t a good enough reason, then what is?!

All Day Hen Do

If it's an all day hen do you're planning, you need a ‘fit that works for day to night. Jeans and a nice top with your comfiest heels is the ideal vibe! You can’t go wrong with a dressy top and some split hem jeans for day drinks and a meal before stumbling into a club later on!

Hen Do Holiday

Going on holiday for a hen do is growing in popularity lately, and there’s nothing better than a girls hol so we see def’ the appeal! For a boujie getaway to Marbs you’ll wanna take plenty of swimwear and cover-ups for the beach clubs, or if you’re going on a cheap and cheerful trip to Benidorm take ‘fits for the beach and for boozy nights out - denim shorts are a staple!

Remember, nothing says hen do like matching outfits and fancy dress, and you can def’ still incorporate these on your holiday!

Hen Do Pyjamas

Maybe you’ve got a quiet(ish) sleepover night in planned with the girls in a rented apartment, or maybe you’re all staying together after the night out! Either way, matching PJs are a MUST HAVE for a hen do sleepover. Get yourselves matching satin sets and robes - we’ve got plenty of styles to suit different body shapes, make sure the gals feel comfortable as well as looking good!

Activity or Adventure Hen Do

If your Hen is a bit of an adrenaline junkie or isn’t a night out person, why not plan an activity or adventure hen do instead and go casual? It could be an obstacle course or mini golf tournament, or maybe there’s a beer bike planned during your trip!

Either way, you’re gonna want a warm(ish) jacket in case of rain and comfy clothes. You can’t go wrong in jeans and trainers, or even joggers if you’re gonna be getting dirty! And we still say a Bride To Be sash is a must-have accessory, no matter the plans!

For the Bride To Be

For the perfect bridal look, we think a white outfit is the perfect look - depending on the theme of the night, of course! Whether its white satin PJs for your sleepover, a white dress or tailoring for your night out or all-white beach wear, there will be no doubt who’s the Hen if she’s in a standout white outfit and the rest of the group isn’t! You could also get a novelty veil, crown or Bride To Be sash for her too, 'cos we all love a bit of tat at a hen do!


As well as the oufits for a hen do there are lots of extra bits you may need. Have you popped the question to your besties yet? These boxes are perfect to ask the all important question of will you be my bridesmaid, fill them with gifts and show them how much they mean to you by asking them to be apart of your big day! Want to elevate your hen do even more? Decorate with some floral wall tiles, they'll add sophistication to your space and are ideal as a back drop for those all important pictures. If you're looking for a way to remember the hen do that's a bit different go for this alternative guest book, customise with your own message and make use of a poloroid camerea to capture those all important memories you can also reuse for the wedding day itself!

Whether you’re planning the celebration or just going to one, we hope we’ve helped with inspo for your hen party outfits at least! Whatever type of hen do it turns out to be we’re sure it will be hilarious anyway. And don’t forget to get some novelty willy accessories or matching sashes, for that finishing touch. You’ve gotta have at least SOME cringe at a hen do!

Shop Hen Do Outfits here and if you need more inspo for the big day, check out our What To Wear To A Wedding blog here!

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