Holidays You Need To Go On In 2020

Whatever plans you have for this year - one thing is for sure - everyone needs a holiday!

Do not worry we’ve got you covered with the very best holiday inspo of 2020.

Ibiza, Spain

If you haven't been here already, you need to! The perfect location for party people, relaxers and explorers alike. Whether you are dancing all day and night at O Beach or exploring the old town, there is something on this magical island for everyone.

Amalfi Coast, Italy

If you’re looking for the place to take the perfect Instagram post then all you need to to take a stroll down the famous, Amalfi Coast. This Italian coast has the perfect scenery to sit all day eating pizza and drinking wine - what could be better?

Phi Phi Islands, Thailand

Phi Phi Islands, Thailand is the real life ultimate Honey Moon feel desination. Every corner you turn you’ll find an insta-worthy destination from the bluest waters to the whitest beaches. And once you’ve fully relaxed you can island hop to Koh Phangan for the world famous Full Moon Parties.

Santorini, Greece

You cannot miss the iconic whitewashed Greek buildings filling the coast line of Santorini. With as many infinity pools and sunbathing spots to last a lifetime, Santorini is one of this summers (and every summers) top holiday destination.

Algarve, Portugal

Next up is the beautiful Algarve, perfect for exploring beautiful beaches, the historical old town, or head down to Albufeira to party in typical British fashion. The stunning caves are one not to be missed, so get booking them flights now..

Venice, Italy

Dreaming of romantic sunsets, boat rides and a couple of cocktails (of course) then look no further than Venice. With no roads, only canals, we will be sure you will never experience anything quite like it, one of the true cities of romance - so take your partner, parent or even your gals!

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