How To Boost Your Vitamin D Levels

How To Boost Your Vitamin D Levels

Vitamin D or the ‘sunshine vitamin’ has many important roles in the body. But
what are they?

What does Vitamin D do?

Support immunity

Helps to maintain the body’s production of mood regulating hormones

What happens when we don't get enough?

A lack in Vitamin D can cause side effects and lead to more serious illness. The main symptoms of a vitamin D deficiency can be:

Mood changes and depression

Fatigue and tiredness

How to increase your vitamin D levels

Here are our top three ways to boost your Vitamin D levels through Winter!

1. Spending time outdoors in sunlight

2. Eating foods high in Vitamin D, for example; cod liver oil, mushrooms, red meat and egg yolks

3. Take a daily Vitamin D supplement

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