How to handle Black Friday

How to handle Black Friday this year

Black Friday has come round again, and now more than ever online shopping is so important. There will be no mile long queues out of shops and you have the luxury of buying everything from the comfort of your own bed. Black Friday can definitely be overwhelming, but don’t worry! Everything you need to know is in this blog, so give it a read so you’re 100% equipped for one of the biggest shopping days of the year!

Set up accounts

There’s definitely things you need to do before the big day, especially to avoid loads of effort on the day. One of these things is setting up accounts to the places you’re thinking of buying from. This will make checking out and purchasing products so much easier! All the brands you know you want something from, set up an email and password and keep yourself logged in - this way when it comes to the day, you have no hassle signing in. Setting up accounts beforehand also means you’ll be a part of their email subscription, so you’ll get updates on any deals/promotions too!


Create wishlists

If you’re super organised and don’t have time to browse through seas and seas of products, it’s best to get a wishlist set up. Take some time one evening to go through your fave brands and decide what you’re wanting to buy when the discounts come through. Put them in your wishlist so on the day, you can go straight there, put it in your basket and check out! If you want, you could still check out what deals that brand has to offer, as you might even find a cheaper alternative to what you have in your basket, or there might be a deal too good to refuse!


Starting early

Many brands don’t only focus on Black Friday itself - the build up is super important too! Cyber Week is the week running up to the Friday, so this is when Black Friday deals start popping up. Make sure you’re checking your emails so you know exactly what your fave brands are doing and when. When Black Friday arrives, there’s definitely 2 types of people. The ones that get up especially early to be ready for the rush, and ones who are cool, collected and would rather wait for everything to calm down before even going online. If you’re getting up early, we recommend having everything you want to buy already ready and constantly be checking what the brand deals are. If you’re okay with waiting until later in the day, have your wishlist ready!


Keep notifications on

To save you the trouble of having to manually check every app/account, having your notifications on will alert you when there’s a new discount or promotion. Remember, brands will be using all their marketing platforms - whether it’s Twitter, through their app, email, Instagram or more. There will be options on social media sites to have notifications turned on so you’ll be alerted when one does a tweet, a new post or a story - helpful for when you’ve got other things on too like work, uni assignments etc.


Think what you're buying for

It’s so easy to just go absolutely crazy on Black Friday and impulsively buy. Although this is fun in the moment, it usually doesn’t work out too well afterwards. You end up with a lot of things you don’t need, and weren’t even really looking for in the first place!? Have a think before the day of what you actually want and need. If you’re in desperate need of a new winter coat and boots - make these priority and find some you really love. We also recommend taking advantage of the huge discounts by buying some of your Christmas presents! It might seem early but you’ll be at a huge advantage when you realise how much money you’ll save, especially on more expensive products! Make a list of who you’re buying for and what you think you’ll be buying for them. If you’re feeling really organised, find these products on site already and save the links. Your Black Friday is guaranteed to be a breeze if you’ve got the exact products you want with just a click!


Remain calm!

Probably the most important message - make sure you stay calm on the day. It’s so easy to become overwhelmed on Black Friday as it’s basically known for being chaotic and stressful! But it definitely doesn’t have to be for you. Sit in bed with your cup of tea with your fave Netflix show on in the background and you’ll be fine!


Deals after Black Friday

A misconception is that when Black Friday is over, it’s over. This couldn’t be further from the truth, as the Monday following is Cyber Monday where the discounts and deals are still very much alive. Cyber Monday is there for anyone that may have missed products or the rush of the Black Friday sales, and are sometimes even better than the deals on Friday! So stay in game mode until after this if you’re wanting to take full advantage!


Now all there is to do is wait! To find out about our Black Friday, read our When is Black Friday blog and make sure you’re signed up to our emails to get clued up on the best deals we’ve ever had!


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