How To Handle The Post Halloween Blues

Hangover from hell or feeling fresh from heaven? We’ve got you covered. If you were the life of the party or had a cozy night in, these tips will help cure your post Halloween blues.

1. Order A Takeaway, Get Cozy In Bed And Start Your Black Friday Wishlist's

The ultimate hangover cure - Chinese, duvet day and online shopping. With Black Friday fast approaching a.k.a the biggest sales of the year, it’s important to make your list early!

2. Remember - 8 Weeks Until Christmas

The Christmas countdown is on, you’ve got less than two months to get your gift wrapping and pigs in blankets ready. Why don’t you hit the shops and get the best gifts before it’s too late, or get ready for the light switch on’s over the next couple weeks - and of course the Christmas markets.

3. Go Out This Weekend - The Party Doesn’t Have To Stop

We all know Halloween isn’t just a one day celebrations - the weekend is lined up with club nights and parties all around the country, so dust off your costume and grab a cocktail.

4. Get Prepared For Bonfire Night

With bonfire night this Tuesday fast approaching, grab your coat, wellies and hats and find your closest bonfire. Whether you’re celebrating with friends or going with your family - make sure its a night to remember!

5. Make The Next Two Months Count

With only 2 months left of 2019 you need to make the most of it. Whether you’ve had the best year of your life or it’s been a challenging one, go into November open minded and make the most of everything life throws at you.

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