How To Host An Unforgettable Dinner Party

Admit it, when it comes to the weekend you don’t always want to just go out to the club. It’s exhausting, you have to buy a whole new outfit every week and it’s the same thing every time. Especially around this time of year when it’s already so cold outside - you don’t want to be walking round in a mini dress and heels in the arctic conditions. Sometimes you really just need a change of occasion and definitely somewhere that’s a little warmer! So why not host your own dinner party? Here’s everything you need to know to host an unforgettable weekend at your own house!

First of all, you have to think of who your lucky guests are going to be! Could be your entire squad, girls and boys. Or you could just have your closest gal pals for a gossip and a good laugh. Once you’ve decided, feel free to tell them exactly how you want to. A quick text is okay, sure. But printing out an invite with all the info seems a lot more appropriate if you’re extra AF. They should say whose party it is, the date, time, location, the menu, what to bring (a bottle of their fave drink perhaps?) the dress code and what the running order of the night is.

You’ve also got to decide what kind of food you’re going to have. Is it going to be 3 set meals or a buffet? Is it a themed night or is it normal? Whatever it is, do as much preparation for it as you can so the night is as smooth as possible. Make sure there’s a veggie option too!

The next bit to do (and the most exciting part in my opinion) is decorating! Get your table decorations and fairy lights out and make the room feel as homely and warm as possible - even light some candles! Put some name cards on the table so people know where to sit, and make sure you tidy everything up ready for when the guests arrive. Take some pics while you get a quiet minute for the ‘gram! Get your outfit ready and put an amazing playlist on that you know your guests will absolutely love. Get all your nibbles out like crisps, breadsticks, olives etc. and some glasses for drinks! Now you’re all ready for when they arrive!


During dinner
When the guests get there, make sure you have a lengthy introduction. Stand in the kitchen for a while while you get everyone’s drinks and everyone’s settled in, then show them to their seats. It would be fun to have some fun little games/quizzes at the table in between the courses - gotta entertain your guests right?! Alternatively, just have a good old gossip - talk about future plans, what everyone’s up to, how everyone is doing. You’ll definitely find a way to keep the conversation flowing so you don’t need me to tell you any more! Just enjoy the food and make sure everyone’s drinks are topped up!


After the dinner
If you have a living room/separate seating area from the dining table then move the guests there to be more comfortable. Now you can decide how you’re going to spend the rest of the night. You could easily stick on some TV while you slip into a food coma you might not ever be able to get out of. You could also stick on a film of everyone’s favourite genre. Why not watch a horror or thriller to get yourselves all woken up again! You might also decide you want to carry on the party, so stick on a playlist with everyone’s favourite songs, bring some more drink in and play some fun party games!

If there’s any leftovers, feel free to give them to your guests before they go (or you could just keep it all for yourself for a few midnight snacks for the next week).


Now you’re fully ready to be the hostess with mostest and throw the best dinner party ever. You’ll have full and happy guests, yummy leftovers, and a lot of pics and snaps to remember it! Who says you have to go out on the weekend?! 🍽️🥂

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