How To Live For The Week Days


With everything coming to a stand still with the third national lockdown, it’s so easy for us to wish our days away hoping for the future. Whether it’s wanting the weekend to come fast or the month to be over so we can start thinking about normality - we’re not living in the moment anymore!

Days are flying by and we aren’t even realising it. It’s time to start thinking of every day as an opportunity for productivity, positivity and just making the most of everything! This blog will tell you everything you need to know about how to live for the week, not just the weekends.

1. Write a daily to-do list first thing in the morning

Start every morning with a to-do list. This can be as big or small as you want it depending on what you want to get done. I personally recommend writing a
to-do list for whatever you need to do that day whether it’s putting some washing on, being in an important work meeting or just remembering to drink water.

Put some easy things on there that you can get done, so that when you cross them off - you feel super accomplished and productive. Having this to get you through the day will really help you if you’re feeling at a loose end or just generally unmotivated! Whatever you’re doing today, get a to-do list underway and in no time you’ll be blasting through with no worries at all! Then you can get back in bed at the end of the day feeling great.

2. Look for something positive every day and make a note of it

Going through every day can be a battle for some people. Feeling negative about the current climate and reading what seems to be a constant flow of bad news can really decrease our feeling of hope during these times. Sit back and think during each day, look for something positive. There’s positivity everywhere you look, you just have to sit back and think of the bigger picture.

Why not write one day every day, then look over it at the end of the week? Over time, you’ll start realising there’s beauty in so many things in everyday life and it’ll become even easier to spot when you get into the habit. If only one good thing came out of today, then the day was well worth it.

3. Try a new delicious recipe for dinner

If you’re having a dull week, one guaranteed way to cheer you up is making a really yummy dinner for yourself. There’s so many recipes you can try depending on your preferences, so spend some time finding one you really love the sound of. Gather your ingredients, play your fave Spotify playlist and get to cooking!

Whether you’re wanting a healthy weekday meal or a cheat meal for the Saturday night, just do whatever will make you happiest. It’ll give you something to look forward to and if all turns out well, you can make it a weekly thing for you and your housemates! Check out our Pinterest board for easy recipes here!

4. Get some fresh air every day

Getting out for fresh air is so so important - we know this by now! Lockdown 3.0 is officially the time for daily walks, so let’s do it! Whether you want it out the way before work starts, you want a break at lunch to get your steps in or prefer a slow evening walk - pick something that works best for your lifestyle and make it fun.

Take some pictures on your walk, find some inspiration for your next Instagram post or take that time to ring someone close to you. Make every walk worth your while, and once you get into it, you’ll enjoy it more and more. Getting out, looking at your surroundings and being thankful for everything you have is a perfect way to spend your day - trust us! Shop our lockdown walks category here for your next fit.

5. Watch an episode of your favourite series every night

We’re not saying NOT to binge watch a whole series in one day, but this definitely doesn’t work long term. Designate one time slot every evening to watch a series you’re loving rn. This not only make the series last longer, but it gives you something to look forward to when the day is over. Why not start a Netflix Club with your friends/bae - everyone watches an episode and discusses it afterwards! Get some popcorn, a glass of wine and have a relaxing night in front of your fave show. Shop a new cosy loungewear look from our loungewear collection here!

6. Have a moment of reflection in the evening

The best way to review the day you’ve had is writing about it before you sleep. It can be as short or as long as you want it, and you can write about absolutely everything. A few sentences about how your day’s gone, one good thing that happened today, a diary entry on what you did throughout, literally anything! Once you’ve done this, you can focus on the days ahead and you’ll end on a positive note knowing there’s something good in every day.

Make sure you’re making every day count with something important, no matter how small it is. Be your own biggest fan and look after yourself through lockdown and beyond! Visit our wellness hub for more!

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