1. Routine is your new BFF💘


Try and stick to your usual routine and working hours. If you’re a morning gym-goer, why not try and maintain working out in the morning? Do a 30 minute HIT sesh or a yoga video. We’re not saying going full Mark Wahlberg but wake up at a reasonable hour, get dressed, take your lunch break and live your day as you normally would.


2. Your bed is for snoozing (and Netflix binging)💤


We all love our bed but we’d recommend keeping it for sleeping and relaxing. Not separating your sleeping and working space can ruin your relationship with sleep and work. If you have a desk or a kitchen table use those and avoid watching TV while you work. There are some great playlists on Spotify which are perfect for that WFH vibe.


3. Stunt your screen time⏱


When working from home it can be even harder to limit your scrolling time. Try not to look at your phone first thing. Start the day off with exercise or some meditation. At this time group chats will be going crazy, as will social media and we advise you to stay as informed and as connected as you can. However be wary of where you are getting your information. Stick to reputable websites such as the NHS and government sites.  


4. Make time to move and meditate💪


For lots of us exercise is a chance to reset, to forget about the stresses of the day and of course keep in shape. This shouldn’t stop in the current climate. Head out for walks in the fresh air or do some exercise sessions online. We’re loving The Body Coach’s fierce workouts (don’t be fooled these are hard!) and Adriene’s yoga videos. Keep an eye on our socials as we’ll be sharing more of these. Check out apps like Headspace and Calm which will teach you how to meditate. Be warned it’s like anything else and practice makes perfect but stick at it!


5. Use this time as an opportunity😌


Read books, paint, write, binge series, watch iconic films, listen to podcasts, learn to cook, play boardgames and above everything stay connected. Facetime friends, share funny videos with loved ones and pick up the phone to elderly relatives. Keep an eye on our social channels as we share funny videos, book recommendations, Netflix series to sink your teeth into and much more. Check out our wellness hub for all things crystals and healing and be sure to read our self-care blog posts.


We are all in this together and the storm will pass. Make sure you’re keeping your body, mind and soul safe.



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