How to Look Good and Stay Warm on Bonfire Night

As much as we love the thrill of watching fireworks on Bonfire Night, we can't say the same for the freezing temperatures, muddy fields and frosty hands. We've created this survival guide to make sure you stay warm whilst looking chic, whether you're having a cosy night in, or trekking out to a park.

1. Get a Cosy Knit

Time to debut your new winter wardrobe with a chunky, cosy knit. Nothing will keep you warmer than some good knitwear. For double warmth, layer up with a high-neck top underneath.

2. Invest in Some Quality Coats

If you're spending your Bonfire Night outdoors, then it's highly unlikely you'll be wanting to remove your coat. So let your outerwear do the talking by picking a stylish coat which will keep you looking chic and warm.

Oversized teddy coats will feel like you're wearing a warm soft hug, plus the generous pockets will ensure your hands don't get cold!

3. The Heavy-Duty Shoes

If you're spending Bonfire Night in a field, then it's probably best to save the heels and white sneakers for another time. What you really need is a a pair of sturdy boots. Choose for biker-style ankle boots or for extra warmth, opt for an over-the-knee number.

4. The Cosy Accessories

Rather than scrambling around for a mismatching pair of gloves and bobble hat, why not treat yourself to a new, on-trend set. Experiment with animal-prints or try a chic beret for extra style points.

5. Keep a Warm Drink in Hand

This season comes with an irresistible selection of new coffee drinks. From pumpkin-spiced lattes to toffee nut treats, keeping a warm drink in hand will keep your hands warm and your tastebuds happy . Why not give our tried-and-test, budget-friendly pumpkin-spiced latte recipe a try here.

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