How To Make The Most Out Of Your Weekend

1. Exercise

One thing that nobody can stop you doing is a little bit of exercise, and once those endorphins are released we promise you it will make everything seem that little bit better. If you are able to get out and go from that run or even a walk then take this weekend to get some fresh air, liberating you from the same walls we are all getting very accustomed to recently - and you may even discover somewhere completely new that you had no idea was round the corner!

If going outside is definitely not on your schedule right now, then maybe a home workout is for you. Even 10 minutes a day can make a change to your physical health as well as your mental health. You are 100% not going crazy if being stuck inside makes you feel more down then usual, so by getting up off your bed and following a workout video or dance routine, it can seriously have an impact on your whole mood, plus we bet you’ll have fun too!

2. Clean and De Clutter

There is no better feeling then having a beautifully clean house and bedroom surrounding you, making it the perfect way to spend your Saturday - just in time for you to enjoy it Saturday night! Whether you’re a Mrs Hinch superfan or just in the mood for a spring clean, why don’t you make the most out of this time to really make the space around you one to feel the most comfortable to live in.

One thing we are all guilty of is needing a clear out - be it clothes, makeup, or the things you left behind when you went to university and STILL haven’t moved. And as much as you want to lie on the sofa and pretend it will all get done magically by itself, this weekend is the perfect time to get it done once and for all. The feeling after you have a spotless house, fresh clean bedding and a room ready for its own Instagram account will make the work you’ve done worth it! So chuck your comfiest ISAWITFIRST loungewear set and get stuck in..

3. Cooking

Ever had the dish you were dying to make? Or wanted to become the next GBBO star but never had the time to practise because we had one too many Sunday hangover days? Well take your weekend in and change that right now. Grab your cookbook (dust it off) or google if you need and start brainstorming, from prep to cooking to eating, this activity can take up an hour of your day or all of it, perfect for passing the time. And hey, maybe it is finally time to make it up to your family cooking the Sunday roast for you every single week before (and show them you can make it better!)

If you are inside the house with others, why not bring the restaurant to you and prepare them a 3 course dining experience? If you are the competitive type you cannot miss this opportunity to create your very own Come Dine With Me - and spice up the competition with only being allowed to use the things in the cupboard, and see who really is the most creative.

4. Treat Yourself

Okay so maybe the pubs and clubs aren’t open, or your usual meetup group on a Saturday night when you would eat all the snacks you want is cancelled, but why let that stop you from treating yourself this Saturday night.

If your typical Saturday night looks like the inside of a bar dancing with a martini in head with your BFF, then why don’t you bring that vibe to you. Turn up the speaker, pour yourself a glass of wine and turn your kitchen into the dance floor! If you’re more of a meet up with friends and watch a movie or go out bowling kind of person, then you also can’t miss out on this social time. Group video chats, renting a brand new film and stocking up on your fave unhealthy snacks is a must!

5. Pamper Night

So it’s Sunday night, you’ve been cooking, cleaning, even being doing a bit of Zumba and it’s time for a chill. Rummage to the back of your bathroom drawers and find that face mask, body lotion and bubble bath you got for Christmas last year and turn your house in to your own spa. If you have a cucumber in for your eyes, even better!

Run yourself a bath, filled with bubbles, get that face mask on, put on your favourite relaxing playlist for some well deserved chill out time.

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