How to style the new Mean Girls Collection

How to style the new Mean Girls Collection like a Regulation Hottie

The FETCHEST collection has just dropped at ISAW and we want it all. It’s the new Mean Girls Collection - DUH! The latest drop with noughties cult-classic MEAN GIRLS is loungewear with attitude. Made up of your fave lounge heroes, we’re talking sweatshirts & hoodies, joggers and tees in a range of prom-queen pastels with sassy slogans, which are sure to spice up a work Zoom and get your postman dishing out the compliments!



Stuck on how to style the drop? We got you. Here’s some inspo from our fave Insta Queens…



It's a head to toe kinda thing...







Whatever. I'm getting cheese fries...



You can't sit with us...


Ready to get your Regina on? Shop the full MEAN GIRLS COLLECTION now!

Remember Mean Girls drops on Netflix 1st February 2021!

So grab your Mean Girls pyjamas, order in some cheese fries and make sure you tag us in all your Insta posts!

Wanna know why we think Mean Girls is a timeless classic? Check out our blog TOP 10 MEAN GIRLS QUOTES FOR 2021.

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