How To Tackle Boredom When You're Staying In

Staying in 90% of the time seems like it’s going to be a reality now. Although this might sound boring and rubbish, it’s an opportunity! An opportunity to get your life in order, sort your space out and refresh yourself for the future physically and mentally. If you’re sitting on the sofa thinking you’ve got absolutely nothing to do, you’ve finished your work and you’re feeling like you’ve accomplished little to nothing at all - think again! Here’s a list of some great things you can do to fill up your free time to make you feel more positive as a whole and to keep your mind focused.

Have a wardrobe refresh
Go through your wardrobe and
really sort out your clothes. Be absolutely brutal with each style - tops, trousers, jackets and shoes. When we look through our wardrobes, we hold onto so many things we’ve actually only probably worn a couple of times. But just because we like it, we think we need to keep it. This is the mindframe that will truly have us buried in clothes for the rest of our lives. Your wardrobe should be filled with essentials only, things you wear regularly and things you know for a fact you’ll be wearing again. I know that top you wore a year ago on your birthday is special to you, but you’ve not worn it since - so do something about it! Click here for more info on what to do with your clothes to live a more sustainable life! ( Really be brutal and think “am I going to wear this again soon?” Once your wardrobe has had a refresh, you’ll be surprised how easier it is to get dressed and find an outfit you absolutely love! If your morning outfit is sorted, more of a lie in for you!

Sort through your music
Take a look at all your playlists and go through each one, delete songs you always skip when you’re listening and add new songs. Make a playlist of songs you absolutely love and that make you feel great - you can listen to this whenever you need to feel positive and happy, or even if you just want to sing your heart out! Make a playlist for your different situations. One for getting you in a motivated mood for the day, one for when you need concentration, one for when you’re cooking your dinner. Music has so many positive mental effects for us like strengthening memory, speeding up our brainwaves, bringing back memories and helping with learning. So why not level up our playlists, get some music going and ultimately boost our mood?! If you’re struggling for inspo, check out our Ultimate Working From Home Playlist blog

I’m sure you don’t need me to tell you just how many amazing benefits there are from regular meditation. It lessens stress, anxiety, enhances self-esteem, increases optimism, helps ignore distractions, improves emotional intelligence, reduces blood pressure, improves heart rate and energy levels - just to name a few! If you’ve never done meditation before, you can research easily online or download some meditation app to find a beginner’s guide on what to do. Meditating should normally take between 5 and 10 minutes, so why not do this in the morning when you first wake up.? You’ll definitely be setting yourself up for an amazing day and it’ll feel great knowing you’re giving your body all the benefits it needs!

Unsubscribe to your annoying emails
We’re pretty much all conditioned to just read and ignore emails now, but have you ever thought to actually go through your emails and unsubscribe to ones you know you don’t read every time you get one through. It’s easy to unsubscribe to newsletters and emails as it’s usually at the top of the email (if you’re checking on your phone). All those sites you signed up for years ago are finally put in the spotlight and you can decide whether they’re doing any good for you, or whether they’re just taking up space and data on your phone. On the back of this, why not subscribe to new things? Things you know you’ll read. Online magazines you love, articles you’re interested in, clothing sites you buy from regularly, your local shops, news. You’ll have a completely new outlook on your emails and you’ll actually enjoy reading through them because it’s insightful and things you’re interested in!

Have a phone refresh
Think about what’s actually on your phone, how much you’ve got on there that’s unused. Here are some ways you can clear out your phone without even realising - it’ll feel like a weight has been lifted and you’ll free up some memory. Go through all your apps and delete ones you don’t use anymore. Those games you downloaded 6 months ago that you no longer use, get rid! Go through your gallery right from the start and get rid of everything you know you never look at and never remember you have. All those memes and gifs you don’t use, delete them immediately. Do this for all your apps and think what can be deleted. Note how much memory usage you’ve saved doing this. It’s amazing how these little things can clear your mind and make it feel like you’ve got a weight lifted off you!

Make some constructive to-do lists
I am obsessed with to-do lists. They are key for organisation and ticking things off on your to-do list throughout the day can make you feel mentally and physically productive. When you wake up, make one for the day and include everything and anything you want. Add things on no matter how big or small, because when you start ticking things off, you feel ready for the next thing on there. You can also make other lists - bucket lists, where you want to see yourself in a year’s time, what you want to achieve in your career, what you need to buy, what films/series you want to watch, anything like that. Lists boost productivity so when you’re staying in and feeling unmotivated, make a list and really think about every part of it. When you see what needs to be achieved right in front of you, you have more of an idea of what to do with your day/week/year!

Make an account and pin your life away
Pinterest is one of the best websites ever for inspo and once you start you definitely cannot stop. Create a board for all your fave things and get pinning. It becomes so addictive and it can really bring your creative side out! Look at bedroom layouts, nail inspo, makeup looks, phone wallpapers or fave film quotes. The more pictures you find, the most inspired you feel and maybe something will spark from it! You might change the layout of your room, find a new craft, finesse a makeup look you’ve been practising or find a new recipe for tonight’s dinner! Whatever it is, it keeps your mind thinking of what else you can find and create! Click
here for more inspiration on our Pinterest, whether it be home workouts, how to stay productive or what your horoscope means for you.

Makeup sort out
If you love makeup and you’re anything like me, you absolutely hoard makeup. It doesn’t matter how tiny your eyebrow pencil is, you’ll always think you
might need it at some point, right?! Well, you’re wrong! Get out all your boxes of makeup, powders, palettes, pencils and think about what you really need. Clean everything you’re keeping and organise your makeup drawers by product. The process of doing your makeup will be so much simpler now you can easily navigate where all your things are (and you know you don’t have an abundance of each product that barely still works!)

Stay connected
Keep in contact with the people closest to you. You’re bound to feel lonely at some point during this, so communication needs to be open between you and everyone who makes you happy. Organise a time to have a Facetime or a group call. On a Friday night, get your bestie involved in a wine & Facetime date! It’ll be just like you’re with each other except you’ll be on a screen instead. Call your other half if you’re away from each other often so you’re not missing anything. Make sure you’re also staying in touch with your family who might be living alone, are elderly or are more vulnerable. This will be affecting them the most, so it’s important to make them also feel like they’ve got someone to talk to if they need it!

Rethink your calendar
Have a look at the dates you’ve got coming up and see what else you need to add in. Get all your close ones’ birthdays in there so you’re prepared and organise things with people and put them in - even if it is just a phone call! Having things planned for the future means you’ve got something to look forward to, especially when you can’t really meet them face to face. It may also be helpful for you to jot in your calendar when all your payments come out of your bank account. It’s the absolute worst when a payment comes out of your account when you really could’ve done without it, and it always seems to be when you’re already skint! So make sure you have these important things noted down, so you know exactly what’s coming up - and you can prepare financially! A side note from this, it might be fun to note down just how much money you’re actually saving from being inside and working from home! You can deduct your travel costs, your morning coffee and what you spend on your lunch. Think how all those little payments definitely do add up - if there’s one good thing to come from this, we’ll have saved up some money to spend later on when this is all over!

Binge watch
Netflix and Amazon Prime are gonna become your new BFFs, trust me. And because of this, this should be the time you actually watch the things you’ve added to your watchlist. We also end up rewatching the same series over and over again (for me this is Gossip Girl!), so take this opportunity to watch something brand new. Get started on that Netflix series you’ve been putting off because you haven’t had time - now is the time! Getting stuck into a series can be a great motivator too - you can treat the next episode as a reward after doing your tasks for the morning. You can make a delish lunch and scoff it in front of the TV until it’s time to go back to work. It’s definitely easy to feel super overwhelmed by online streaming sites. With so much choice, it does scare some people and they end up sticking to what they know. To help with this, check out our blog on
What To Watch On Netflix RN to help you decide! Try out a completely new genre you’ve never explored before, or stick to what you know and find something you’ve always been meaning to watch!

Spring clean your flat
There’s nothing like staying in for a while to really make you realise what you’re actually living in. Some people keep on top of their tidying and cleaning and others, well let’s just say it’s the last thing on their minds. Take this opportunity from social distancing and sort every room out in your flat. Start with your bedroom and throw things away you definitely don’t need. Empty your bins, hoover your floor and give it a good dust down! Do this for each room and really think about what you can throw away - be brutal! This is the perfect time to do your dirty washing that’s been piling up for the past month too! When your own living space is clean and tidy, you truly do feel like you can breathe clear and actually relax knowing you’ve done everything you need to do.

Take some pics for the gram!
You don’t have to be out of the house to get the perfect Instagram pic for your feed. Whatever theme you’re going for, whether it’s colour, minimal, food, get inventive and really think about what you can do to make your next IG post amazing. There are tons of websites to give you tips on the perfect pic. If you haven’t worn makeup all week, why not get glammed up and take a few selfies to post? A self-esteem boost never hurt anyone, so get thinking of some captions for your perfect social distancing selfie. Check out our blog on taking the perfect selfie

Follow a makeup tutorial and post your results online!
YouTube is absolutely jam packed with makeup tutorials from influencers all round the world. Whether it’s something you’re good at already and want to experiment with, or something that’s completely new to you and you want to give it a go - let your creative side come out!

Keep a journal
There’s something quite refreshing about taking a pen and paper and actually writing things down. Having a journal can be great for keeping memories that you might otherwise forget. You can write anything you want - how you were feeling that day, some productive things you did, what you accomplished, a run down of your day or just talking about something that happened to you. You don’t have to write in it every day, make it so you write in it when you’ve got a lot to say. If you keep it up, in a year’s time you’ll have something to look back on and feel nostalgic about. It’s nice to recognise how things can change and how much you’ve progressed over a certain amount of time! It gives you encouragement to keep going with whatever it is you’re doing.

I hope after reading this you’ve got a new outlook on staying in. Just because you’re not out with your friends or spending money, it doesn’t mean your time is any less valuable. This is an opportunity to turn something you might think is negative, into something positive and productive. Take this time out to focus on yourself, your space around you and your life in general. Once you’ve got this on lock, you’ll feel better physically and mentally. Stay busy, keep a positive mindframe and make sure you keep in contact and stay connected with your close ones. It doesn’t matter who you are, how much money you’ve got, how many followers you have or where you come from, we’re all in this together. Don’t forget that!

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