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How To Take The Perfect Selfie

How To Take The Perfect Selfie


  • Start off by finding a clean space to take your image
  • You could just use a plain wall or if you prefer getting creative you could set up a mini backdrop using props to match your outfit
  • Centre yourself directly in front of the camera so the focus is on your outfit
  • Try out new poses and see what position works best for you
  • Bolder the better!


  • Find a mirror big enough to show off your outfit
  • If you can, position it near a window to make the most of natural daylight to get the best lighting for your image
  • Ensure the background is clean and tidy
  • Take the picture straight on so you stand out
  • Use pretty props such as flowers & books to compliment the aesthetic



  • Get experimental with your images and try out creating a grid style layout with your fave outfit
  • Get creative and take multiple images with different angles and poses so you have a variety to choose from
  • Each frame should have a different image - this way you can really show off the detail of the outfit!


  • Find a clean and tidy space where you can take your picture and ensure you are using natural daylight to get the best quality lighting
  • Get into a comfortable position where your back is the focus of the image showing off all the detail of your outfit
  • Test out different poses and have a preview of the images as you go along to see what works for you
  • For this type of image, self timer is your bff!

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