Your I Saw It First Christmas Gift Guide

Christmas is coming soon and with the way November has flown by already, it’ll be here a lot quicker than we expect it! It’s time to get serious about Christmas presents. Make a list of every person you want to buy something for and write down the gifts you think would be perfect for them. If there’s any fashionable girls on the list, look no further than this blog for your guide to the best Christmas gifts from right here at ISAW.

Earrings, necklaces, rings and bracelets are always a great idea for a prezzie. If someone doesn’t wear any jewellery, it’s the perfect way to introduce them to it. If they do wear jewellery, you’re already adding to a collection and you know they’ll love it! The necklace is perfect for an edgy girl. The diamante choker and earrings add sparkle to any look and are the perfect statement pieces, especially for a girl who loves going out for drinks and clubbing. Wearing rings also really brings any hand to life, so pairing this present with offering to pay for a nail appointment would be really thoughtful - plus their hands would look next level.


Anyone could do with a new bag at any given point and on our site we have loads! Whether it’s a bag for shopping, going out or work - we’ve got you. Shoulder bags are so in now, they’re the most ideal bag for literally any occasion. They fit just the right amount in, so don’t worry about it being impractical! The over shoulder bag with the extra bling is for your most extra friend. Different from the usual style bag, this one is really on trend and adds extra sparkle to a monochrome outfit. This bum bag can go round any outfit and instantly give you a tiny waist. I suggest pairing this with an oversized blazer too, so that outfit combined as a gift would be a great idea for your best girlfriend. For your friend that’s the girly girl of the group, this gold bag screams luxe. The across-the-body element means there’s no fear of losing it on a night out, so keep that in mind when shopping for that friend who always loses their bag after a few cocktails.


Onesies & Pyjamas
Winter is officially cosy season - so why not gift someone with the comfiest onesie or the cutest pyjama set? If you give it before Christmas Day, it’ll be perfect for opening their prezzies in on the big day. Here are some cute examples of what we stock. Whether they’re a dressing gown girl or a cropped set queen, this gift is guaranteed to give them a smile. We all wanna be comfortable, so why not literally give the gift of comfort! Netflix nights just reached the next level - if you want to be cringe, get matching!


If pyjamas aren’t their thing, why not gift them with a comfy loungeset? The perfect loungeset to get a hungover Nandos after a big night out, head to the airport in or chilling at your boyfriend’s house. Here’s a mix of some different styles for every kind of gal. Whether they love cropped, long, short, sweats, tight, loose, black or pink. Ultimate comfort levels are through the roof for 2020.


Accessory Hamper
Why not give a hamper as a gift, filled with lots of accessories and things they like (sweets, fave film, bottle of prosecco, etc.) Check out some of these accessories to fill the box full to the brim with. All of these are guaranteed to add that extra dimension to any outfit, as it shows you’re paying attention to detail, making your outfit look finished. The hair clips are so girly and perfect for someone who looks sparkle and glamour.


To be really organised, you could buy someone something that you know they’ll want for NYE. If your bestie has been procrastinating about buying that one NYE dress she really wants but isn’t sure about, why don’t you buy it for them? Our Heavenly Luxe collection has so many potential NYE outfits, but here are some of my faves! A stunning midi dress would be perfect for a sophisticated NYE meal and drinks out in town, and the maroon shorter dress would look the best if they’re hitting the clubs. If she isn’t a dress girl, she can make as much impact (if not more!) with a trouser top combo, paired with some insane heels and a clutch - NYE won’t know what hit it.


Happy gifting gals!

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