ISAW Staple Pieces 2020

The start of a new year means a wardrobe refresh, which let’s admit, sounds way better than actually doing it. You quickly realise that when you do come to sort it out, you need to throw away too much and buy way more. Your January budget definitely can’t allow that and January payday seems like absolutely ages away. If this is you, you need to consider changing how you buy - it’ll save you and your money in the long term! Be smart with your thinking when it comes to buying clothes and really think about whether you’re going to like it in a couple of month’s time or not. To help you, here are some of ISAWITFIRST’s staple pieces to give you an idea of what you can keep through the whole year!

A pair of jeans can guide you through anything. When in doubt, jeans! Take these mom jeans for example. These will go with absolutely everything - a cute oversized jumper, a long sleeve bodysuit, a corset top, trainers, heeled boots, combat boots, a cropped denim jacket, a long puffer coat, nothing WON’T go. So you know for a fact these are going to be your most loyal companion throughout the entire year. Go for a standard colour that’s your favourite (mine would be a medium blue like these below) as they’ll go with more things. Once you’ve found your perfect jeans, there’s some comfort in knowing whenever you’re having a wardrobe meltdown you can always depend on them for anything.


A blazer has always been iconic. It’s one of the most empowering and iconic women’s fashion products and a statement that says “Yeah I’m here, now let’s do this.” You can dress it up with a corset top and leather trousers, or dress it down with a hoodie and joggers heading into uni on a Monday morning. Either way, you’re gonna look amazing and bang on trend. Everyone needs a blazer in their wardrobe that’s classic and timeless. And with so many options of what to go with it, you’ll never have to worry about it not going with your outfit. A blazer will work particularly well when it gets to Spring, when it’s not quite warm enough to not wear a coat but definitely too warm to wear your Winter faves from 3 months ago. The perfect over the top sling on product that you can rely on over and over again!


Everyone needs some form of hoodie in their wardrobe. For the times when you’re sick of wearing tight things and just want to be comfortable for the foreseeable future (e.g. us the whole of January), you need some comfort in your life. Whether it’s plain colour you want or you’re a graphic girl, there’s definitely a hoodie for you on site. The comfy look has become so widely acceptable in the past couple of years and I doubt 2020 will be anything different - wearing tracksuits to interviews and meetings will probably be the norm soon! A hoodie is the perfect layer to put on in any Winter/Spring season. Although you can’t really wear one in Summer, it’ll keep you comfy and warm at any other time of the year so you need at least ONE in your wardrobe for 2020.


Heeled boots
For the perfect work-to-bar transition, some simple heeled boots are your new best friend. Swap your trainers for boots and it completely transforms your look from business to out-of-office in a matter of seconds. These are lifesavers when it comes to going to an event that’s maybe too casual for trainers but where heels definitely aren’t appropriate. With so many around too it’s a no brainer that you’ll need a pair of these at some point this year. Wear them with jeans, flared trousers, cropped trousers, even a tracksuit! I would pair these with some black mom jeans, a coloured puff sleeve top and a cropped leather jacket for afternoon drinks with the girl squad.


High neck jumper
Having a high neck jumper will really save you throughout the cold months. It’s a product that keeps you warm while being completely fashionable too. Look sophisticated in this cream coloured jumper, pair with some jeans, combat boots and a teddy coat and you’re ready for a shopping day when the weather’s a tiny bit too cold! A high neck is definitely my go-to especially when it’s the start of the year, still freezing and you just need something to throw on that will level up your outfit and make you look like you’ve put a lot of effort in (even if you haven’t!) If you got a couple of your fave neutral colours, they’re guaranteed to see you through the year, from Sunday roasts at the pub to drinks at the Christmas markets.


Basic Tees
If you’re going to buy one thing from this blog, get yourself some basic tees. In every colour. They’re simple and you can do absolutely anything with them. Go for a casual yet fashionable look like the pictures below. You can wear one tucked into joggers for a chilled vibe. Cycling shorts with trainers in the summer. Skinny jeans and combat boots for a grungy look. Anything you want! They’re one of the key staple pieces year on year and you can go graphic or plain depending on your mood. Make any plain t-shirt look interesting with some gold jewellery and a sleek hairstyle.


Long teddy coat
This will be your new best friend when the weather starts getting frosty and you’ve got to walk to uni/work in the freezing cold. Having a long thick coat means you can pretty much wear anything you want underneath and you can definitely get away with it - pyjamas to your uni lecture? Yes please! Block all bad energy with this coat, especially coming into 2020 we will have no bad energy coming your way! I’d wear some loose fitting jeans, long sleeve bodysuit and heeled boots with this coat. Pair with some boujee hoop earrings for some next level extraness.


Leather trousers
It’s always good to have some variety when it comes to trousers in your wardrobe. With the rise of leather trousers becoming more and more popular, it makes sense to have some as a staple item in your collection. Going from denim to leather amps up your outfit for an instant going out look. Be prominent at any bar in these slick high waisted trousers with the belt. If I was going out, I would put these with some strappy mules, a corset top and a cropped jacket. The perfect thing about leather trousers is the versatility - wear them in winter with a big fur coat, or on a summer night when the air is a bit cooler and you’re going to a beer garden. Put with a high neck vest and your look is complete.


Keep these staple items in your wardrobe for guaranteed all-year-round satisfaction! Shop more of our new in here!

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