January Reflections

It’s the start of the year, so it’s time to reflect on the year you’ve just got through - and better yet, look at what you can do in this coming year 2020. Think about what you have achieved and what you want for the next year! Fill this in and figure out what is truly is that you want to get out of 2020.


Your wins

What you lost

What were your goals

What goals did you achieve

Biggest achievement

Best holiday

Who helped me the most

What I wanted to do by the end

My style

What you’ll miss the most

Fave song of the year

Fave picture of the year

What am I most proud of


How I started it

Goals for the first week

Goals for the first month

Goals for the next 3 months

Goals for the next 6 months

Goals for the year

What i’m taking into 2020

What i’m leaving behind in 2019

Fave quote to go into this year

No.1 goal for the year

How I’ll step out of my comfort zone

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