Lent: Things you actually HAVE to give up

Lent is the perfect time to ditch that bad habit or even try out a new healthy lifestyle, but often these lent resolutions end up looking a lot like our unfinished new year's resolutions. Here’s some more realistic goals, ones that simply cannot (or can) go amiss.

That toxic relationship

Whether it’s that fuc*boy that keeps leaving you on read or that friendship that just isn’t fun anymore. Get RID. Ignore, Block, and get on with your life! You don’t need to explain yourself to anyone, or justify your reasons. If something ain’t feeling right don’t push it.


STOP saying sorry

Us brits in particular are known for using this word 24/7. But you don’t need to apologise ALL THE GOD DAMN TIME. Don’t get me wrong sometimes there is times when saying sorry is needed. But ringing in sick to work and not being able to make it in DOES NOT NEED AN APOLOGY. Getting emotional over something small does NOT require a sorry. Having a down day and not being your happy go lucky self, you should never be apologising to ANYONE else.


Going to bed late

Sleep is just as important as diet and exercise so getting in your 7-9 hours is necessary. No more cramming in that last Netflix episode, turn your phone off and tuck up into your bed at an appropriate time. You’ll wake up in the morning feeling fresh af and ready for the day.


Being so critical of yourself

This is an important one. One thing we need to start is some self lovin. Whether it’s looking in the mirror and not liking what you see or feeling like you’re not where you want to be in your job. Appreciate where you are NOW, and what you’ve had to go through to get there. Patients is a virtue, and you WILL get there eventually. Being negative about yourself won’t speed up the process.


Spending money of ‘stuff’

You really do not need that 4th tesco meal deal of the week. Make your own sandwiches! We all know we spend way too much on stuff we really just don’t need. Give up spending on unnecessary purchases, save that £5 a day you spend on lunch and you’ll have saved £200 in those 40 days! You could even use lent as the way of saving for that thing you really want.

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