Lockdown Self Love Challenge


Going into another lockdown seems like de ja vu, but this time we know exactly what we’re in for and how we can make the most of it. That’s why we’ve set a new challenge for our customers, the lockdown self love challenge - every day of lockdown we’ll give you something to do that is going to ultimately better yourself, make you feel more productive and more positive about life! Mental health has never been so important, so follow this challenge and you’re gonna come out of lockdown a new person!

1. Give yourself a fresh set of nails for lockdown

2. Take 5 minutes to make a playlist of songs that make you happy

3. Go through your emails & unsubscribe to ones you don't read anymore

4. Have a wardrobe clear out

5. Create a mood board

6. Make a bucket list / life goals life

7. Repeat 5 affirmations which make you feel positive

8. Wash your makeup brushes

9. Send a loved one a card in the post

10. Have an at home photoshoot

11. Clear out your camera roll

12. Start planning your Christmas gifts

13. Try a new makeup look

14. Cook a new recipe

15. Map out what you want your future to look like

16. Listen to a podcast

17. Go for a walk

18. Start that Netflix series you've been wanting to watch

19. Move things around in your room for a refresh

20. Clean out your handbags

21. Update your CV

22. Make a list of books you want to read in 2021

23. Have an evening on Pinterest to get you inspired

24. Follow some feel good Instagram accounts & unfollow accounts that don't make you happy

25. Clean your space around you

26. Decorate your home for Christmas

27. Buy from a small business to support them

Make sure you check out our Wellness Hub and our blog page for some inspo on tips and tricks for your mental health! Remember, you always have support no matter what you're feeling, and it's perfectly fine to have bad days - you're not alone 😊

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