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Love Island Dating Do's and Don'ts

Love Island Dating Do's and Don'ts

So we’re almost at the end of our first Love Island week, with a double-date already been and one hell of a date to come - here are some of our Do’s and Don’ts when it comes to dating in the villa.

We’ve already watched Curtis and Amy & Tommy and Lucie have the first date of the season on Wednesday - we found sparks flying with the nation’s favourite couple, Curtis and Amy! The date didn’t go AS well for heartthrob Tommy and surfer babe Lucie, though, as she still seemed hung up on Joe, moving us onto our first Dating Don’t…

Dating Don’ts

  1. I mean we wouldn’t go as far as calling Joe an ex, but in the villa we suppose it’s kind of the same thing - meaning first date rule number one is DO NOT (we repeat DO NOT) bring your ex up on your first date with a new guy. This is only going to show that maybe you’re not over him, and you probs shouldn’t be on this date.
  2. Don’t number 2 is always remember your table manners! Having the most fun and constant laughs on your date is good but don’t ‘do a Curtis’ and spit your drink out at the table! (We love you Curtis, but table manners are key!).


Dating Do’s

Both couples had loads in common: Curtis and Amy with their music, Tommy and Lucie with their sport! Bringing us on to the first Do in dating…

  1. When you find what you and your date have in common, roll with it! This is what will make your relationship stronger.  
  2. Tommy certainly worked his charm, so our next dating Do is to give your date compliments. Like, what’s better than being told you’re 100% your crush’s type on paper!?

Let’s hope Tommy sticks to these guidelines whilst on his second date of the series so far, with Blonde Bombshell Molly-Mae!

Now we’ve got the Do’s and Don’ts out the way, see below for some of our top Date Night looks!

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