Meet Game of Thrones Star, Kerry Ingram

Meet Game of Thrones star, Kerry Ingram. We sat down with Kerry to get the low-down on all things Game of Thrones so keep reading for the tea...

What was your reaction to being cast for Game of Thrones?

I didn't really know what the show was at first because there was only 2 seasons out in America, so I guess my reaction came out later probably when Season 3 aired that I realised how big it was. I think I screamed!

What's the most embarassing thing that's ever happened to you?

Theres a lot! But probably the biggest one was when I was 12, I was making my West End debut and at the end of act one I fell into the directors lap!

Who's your fave character from Game of Thrones?

Brienne, because she's a strong female powerful person and we need more of her in the world!

What's the funniest thing that happened on set?

Probably Kit setting his shoes on fire! All of our shoes were leather and it was very cold and we only had little heaters.

Any insider goss from the season that you starred in?

We couldn't talk about my death scene openly on set so we would nickname it and we nicknamed it 'KFC'!


We loved chatting to Kerry and totes agree with Brienne being that strong, female figure we need more of in the world! Shop power pieces here!


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