Meet Kimberley: Our Student Icon

Introducing: ISAW Student Icon, Kimberley! We had Kimberley in with us to find out more about her, from her go to outfits to her tips to get through uni!

We had Kimberley choose her ultimate outfit for a Lecture, Brunch, Night Out and Hangover and these are the styles she was obsessed with.


For those long days of lectures, Kimberley chose our Down Town Photo Print Back Sweatshirt and Basic Active Leggings with the Nude Chunky Sole Trainers for extra comfy vibes.

For brunch with bae Kimberley went with the High Rise Mom Jeans, Beverly Hills T-Shirt, Check Print Overcoat, Perspex Heel and Bucket Bag for the perfect smart-casual look.

For a night out with the girls Kimberley went full glam with the Plunge Belted Blazer, Cycling Shorts, Perspex Heel and Snake Mini Clasp Bag.

For those hungover days when the only option is cosy, Kimberley has gone for the Oversized Slash Neck Loungewear Set and the Chunky Sole Trainers.

We sat down with Kimberley to get all the goss on the trends she's loving RN and we play Snog, Marry, Avoid!

Describe your style?

My style is very much laidback, I don’t really wear anything that glam apart from for an Instagram post. But usually I just wear like gym stuff at home or for my lecture, nothing too stylish.

Ariana Grande or Little Mix?

I’d pick Ariana because her songs just make you feel really sassy and make you feel nice about yourself.

What trend are you loving right now?

The trend I’m loving at the minute is wearing cycling shorts with different things and with heels and stuff like that, I think it looks really nice and really different to what people usually wear on a night out.

What is your advice for anyone starting Uni this year?

My advice for anyone starting Uni would be, enjoy first year whilst you can and enjoy all the nights out because when you get into second and third year, they’re the years that count.

Night In or Night Out?

I’d say night out, I just like the drunk feeling and being with my friends and not really caring about work or anything like that, or Uni stress. Yeah definitely night out!

Snog, Marry, Avoid: Tom Hardy, Idris Elba, Ryan Gosling?

I’d marry Tom Hardy, kiss Idris Elba and avoid Ryan Gosling.

Snog, Marry, Avoid: Danny Dyer, Jeremy Kyle, Phil Mitchell

I’d marry Danny Dyer, I’d kiss Phil Mitchell and I’d avoid Jeremy Kyle.

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