Mental Health Awareness - Instagram Accounts to Motivate You


It's Mental Health Awareness Week this week, and with social networks becoming more ingrained in our lives each year, it is vital that we try to create a space that makes us feel good about ourselves.

Little ways to do that are:

- Remember there's always a filter - not every photograph tells the whole story, life isn’t as perfect as a social media profile may make it seem.
- Takes breaks from social media apps as regularly as you can - you will realise how unimportant they are.
- Spend time in the real world - the amount of followers you have means nothing. Make sure you are spending time with your friends and family, the people that matter!
- Follow people that make you feel good - the accounts you follow on social media will determine how apps makes you feel! Unfollow ones that aren’t making you happy, and follow more that inspire and uplift you!

If you need a helping hand finding Instagram accounts that will boost your mental health through the use of cute images and graphics, check out some of our fave accounts below!



Holly Brooks is a fitness lover who started documenting her fitness journey and amazing low calorie recipes on Tik Tok and Instagram. Keeping fit and eating healthy is a great way to look after your physical health but will release endorphins to look after your mental health too!


Feel Good Club is the brainchild of Kiera and Aimie, dedicated to making a space on Instagram to make you feel good. They've opened a cafe in Manchester's Northern Quarter too! We're obsessed with their quote posts and the positive life updates they post, and their content brightens up our day.


Nelly has an amazing body positivity account that's a MUST FOLLOW. She's normalising seeing stretch marks and unedited photos of the female form on your Instagram feed, and her content is absolutely gorgeous. Feel like your body confidence takes a hit every time you open the app? You won't anymore with Nelly on your feed!


Mik is another gorgeous account to follow to put 'normal' bodies onto your Instagram feed. She's on a mission to make you see that you're more than your body and what you look like, and that a photo can never capture the things you've been through. Her account is a must-follow if you're struggling with body positivity right now!


The Happy News celebrates real life news stories that are only positive! It's a wonderful, colourful account that's sure to put a smile on your face when you see it on your feed.


Zoe is a model who's comitted to embracing her body and showing her Instagram following what 'normal' bodies look like. Her profile features unfiltered images that show her stretch marks and belly folds, and is another great body positive account to have on your Instagram feed.


Divya Robin is an NYC Therapist + Wellness Educator who uses her instagram account to encourage people to talk about their mental health as well as including tips and tricks on how to do this.

She helps point out the signs for declining mental health and the importance of putting yourself and your mind first. If you are someone who struggles with talking about your issues or identifying the causes for why you aren't feeling your best then this is the account for you!


Stacie Swift is an illustrator who’s instagram focuses on positivity, mental well being and self-care. Her illustrations are bright and colourful, hand drawn designs that instantly brighten your day!

Not only is Stacie using her illustrations to spread positivity surrounding mental health, she is also using it as a tool to bring light to world wide issues including period poverty - girl boss vibes!


Let’s talk about mental health is an instagram page created to support the website letstalkaboutmentalhealth - where people are able to write down their mental health stories as a way to help them feel empowered and free, and show people how common mental health issues can be.

Their instagram creatively displays powerful messages from people's stories through quotes and colourful illustrations.


Lets talk mental health provides thought provoking content to encourage conversation around mental health and help you understand your own mind more.


Bethdrawsthings, is probably the quirkiest of all the instagrams we have listed, in the best way!

Her instagram consists of simple, comic strip style imagery with motivation running commentary. The light hearted feel to the illustrations, along with the completely relatable narration makes this account totally brighten your day!



Remember to take breaks from social media for your mental health, but if you're spending a lot of time scrolling we recommend making your socials a more positive place to be! Give some of our fave accounts a follow and see for yourself how positive posts on your feed can brighten your day.

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