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Monday Manifestos

Monday Manifestos

It’s the week of finally answering all those important decisions, it’s time to face your responsibilities and plan your week ahead out with a big steaming cup of green tea, a scented candle and your favourite journal you bought because it was cute, but you’ve completely forgotten about.

MINDFUL LISTS - Lists are the most easiest and useful de-stresser. Writing down your thoughts, ideas and to-do’s itself can make you feel at ease. It’s almost like a mind clear-out! The best part of making lists are coming back to them to cross out what you’ve done, how satisfying is that? V-E-R-Y! These lists are motivational factors to encourage you to stop being a procrastinating princess. So prepare your week ahead and start that Monday list!  

FACING FATE - At the end of the day, what is meant to be yours is already making its way to you so don’t stress over the small stuff. If it won’t affect you in 5 years, don’t spend more than 5 minutes worrying about it. Life would be boring without the curve balls, even if it’s spilling coffee down your dress just before a date, or falling over in front of your new work colleagues who don’t know you well enough to laugh about it with you… awks. Boss up and face your Monday, Beyoncé Monday mode #ON.

LOOK GOOD FEEL BETTER- There is no better feeling than looking like a real life goddess, fresh face of makeup and your new ISAWITFIRST order on, selfie mode all day long! Feeling good will give you the confidence to be your best-sassy-self. Personal TLC is the most important thing you can give yourself so make it worth your while because you deserve it and need it from time to time! We recommend a self-care Sunday to get you ready for Monday and the week ahead!



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