Mondays: An ISAW survival guide

It’s no secret that Mondays aren't everyone's fave day of the week. The early mornings, so far away from the weekend and everything just seems to go wrong. Whilst we may never learn to love Monday’s we’ve put together a pretty good guide to help you survive them.

Sunday nights

If you really want a chance of surviving Monday, you’ll have to start preparing Sunday. Take the time to have a long hot bath, maybe even fake tan if you're feeling extra. Then tidy your room, ensuring a clear head for tomorrow morning. A good night’s sleep is essential.

Pro tip: make this even better with fresh bedding and luxurious new pyjamas.

Hydrate and caffeinate.

When you wake up, before doing anything (yes before even coffee) try to drink a full glass of water. Not only will this do wonders for you skin but it’ll always wake your body up and rehydrate you. Then finally, if you still need that extra boost, go get that coffee girl.

Dress like a boss, feel like a boss.

Do that skin care routine, take your time on your makeup and finally choose the outfit that’s going to make you feel like your best self. We love tailoring for a Monday. If you’re dressing like a boss, you’re gonna feel like one and this will set you up for the rest of the week. See our top picks now:

Plan your week

Are you working this week? Maybe you’re still furloughed and need a little structure in your life. Take some time out of Monday and plan your week especially your weekend, this will give you something to look forward to. If you want to take it one step further, start planning your weekend outfits. Here's some influencer inspo:

Be kind to yourself

Treat yourself to your fave lunch or dinner, stay hydrated and remember you got this. When Monday is finally over remember to reflect on what you’re thankful for along with your goals for the rest of the week. Keep manifesting, working hard and loving yourself, then maybe Monday's will get a little easier.

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