National Yoga Day

National Yoga Day: The day of reconnecting your mind, body and breathing to fill you up with positive energy and release any tension, whilst creating a calming aura around you.

Let’s celebrate this day as a day of peace and contentment of our body and minds, making us find inner peace and tranquility around us. It’s time to switch off your phones, light a scented candle and slip on some stretchy yoga leggings as you enjoy our yoga guide to happiness.



      1. Find your Zen:

Yoga is usually best performed early in the morning when your mind is clear. Find your most peaceful place, ideally facing outwards towards natural lighting. Ideally you would need a yoga mat for comfort, however anything soft and padded will work fine! Slip into some comfy, stretch-proof clothing and you’re all set. We suggest lighting an incense stick and playing some relaxing background music of waves crashing or birds singing to really set the scene and encourage you to be peaceful.

    2. Fav Five Poses:

Downward Face Dog- You’ve probably already heard of this pose as it is used in most yoga classes to stretch and strengthen the whole body.

Bridge Pose- This pose is perfect for bending and stretching your back where most of your energy is released from.

Warrior 1&2- Find your inner kick ass warrior queen as you take on these warrior build your strength and confidence. The secret to a good warrior pose is to find your breathing rhythm to keep you well balanced.

Child Pose- This pose is the best finisher and cool-down to give you some rest and relieve tension. You can even do this pose before bedtime to de-stress.

    3. Breathing:

Drop your tongue from the roof of your mouth and inhale through your nose deeply before exhaling from the stomach slowly, making a “haa” sound. Remember to stay focused and clear minded for a strong steady breath.

    4. Namaste:

Once you’re feeling your most zen-self, finish your yoga meditation with your hands together and head tilted in a praying pose whilst bowing to ‘Namaste’- (pronounced: nam-ass-stay). This is a Hindu greeting used to say both welcome and good-bye.


Studio Cheshire brings us Zen and peaceful tranquility in their yoga studio who were able to give us a morning of meditation. Make sure you follow them and the lovely Yoga instructor Natalia on Instagram to join the Yoga movement. Don't forget to shop our on-trend and Yoga approved active-wear category here! 



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