OOTD Photo Hacks

Have you got what it takes to be the blogger babe you’ve always dreamt of? Because now's your chance. We have all the tips, tricks and cheats sister! It’s time to get that blogger title you deserve by following our step by step guide of how to make it to the top of the feed and top blogger list.

Lighting- Golden hour is about to become your new BFF! This is how you’ll not only get that glow but also make your pictures look like they’ve been professionally shot. No need to buy an expensive camera girl, this is the key thing to make those outfits pop. Natural lighting is the winner however if you’ve got mirror lights or lamps go for it sis! Just make sure it’s not too bright as it could wash you out (not a look).

Angles- As Tyra Banks told us “Extend that leg and lift that chin”. Everyone has their favourite sides and that’s totally normal. Find yours and work with it! Best shots are from a low angle to make you look a lil taller. Try avoiding taking pictures from a high angle unless it’s a selfie and always lift your chin for a model-like neck.

Location- If you’re blogging an outfit, it's always best for a clean background. You can opt for a simple white wall in your bedroom or a muted tone building. Whichever is most accessible. City locations are always a great spot or even a quirky coffee shop. Use all the tools around you (just make sure it’s not messy and distracting).

Confidence- Kill ‘em with confidence! If you’re looking and feeling confident, chances are so will your pics. If you’re not feeling yourself or your outfit one day, don’t sweat it, we all have those days so just chill out and relax. That’s why it’s important to stock up on lifestyle images of food/makeup and flat-lays for these days. So, work it whilst it’s hot or drop it if you’re not baby girl.

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